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The mission of Society’s Assets Inc. is to ensure the rights of all persons with disabilities to live and function as independently as possible in the community of their choice, through supporting individuals’ efforts to achieve control over their lives and become integrated into community life. Independent living is an individuals’ right to choose his/her own lifestyle in the community of his/her choice and to be ultimately responsible for that choice. The goal of Society’s Assets is to offer a variety of services that can meet an individual’s needs.

Society’s Assets supports an individual’s efforts to achieve their potential and assists local communities in the removal of barriers to independent living. Our staff can assess and make recommendations to improve the accessibility of homes and public places. We provide benefits counseling so people can balance work and benefits. Adapted equipment demos or loans will increase function for people with limited mobility, hearing, vision, or memory.

Agency caregivers work in clients’ homes to assist with daily activities such as dressing, eating, bathing, and household tasks. We assist people with locating accessible, affordable housing. Information about home remodeling or vehicle accessories (including ramps and lifts) is available. We provide information about low-interest loans for accessibility projects and the concept of “aging in place.” The staff teaches money management, pre-vocational skills, communication, advocacy, and other independent living skills. Staff and trained volunteers who have personally experienced a disability provide support, encouragement, and guidance. Services are provided to individuals of any age with any disability.

Highlights from the past year include the following. Society’s Assets presented $8000 in scholarships to three college students with disabilities. Ten caregivers received state-wide awards for the exceptional skills and compassionate care they demonstrate when assisting our clients. Eighteen K – 12 students received art contest awards for the pictures they created to portray Ability. . . not Disability.

There are opportunities for individuals with knowledge of a disability to provide peer support or become involved in advocacy efforts on behalf of people with disabilities in the community. Donations in the form of sponsorships would help the scholarship fund and consumer events or projects and enhance services offered by the agency