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RACINE, WI—Youth with creative solutions to community needs can now apply for funding through Youth As Resources (YAR) grants. YAR will consider applications for community service projects led and designed by any group of youth (classified as people younger than 21) from community organizations, religious communities, schools, classrooms, clubs, service groups, and other nonprofit organizations. Projects must feature youth as planners and volunteers and creatively address specific community needs or problems, such as environmental, social, and cultural awareness issues.

The application deadlines are November 1, 2019, February 1, 2020 and April 1, 2020. Those who apply before November 1 must present their project to the YAR board at Karcher Middle School on November 12. Those who apply between November 2 and February 1 must present at Karcher Middle School on February 12. Those who apply between February 2 and April 1 must present at Karcher Middle School on April 15.

Interested groups are encouraged to contact Joanee Meyerhofer, United Way program coordinator, at 262-456-6472 or For more information, visit