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RACINE, WI – CBD American Shaman Racine, 305 Main St., opened its doors with the goal of selling organic non-GMO CBD infused health and beauty products.

Owner Javier Camacho said he started the business because he personally saw the benefits of using CBD products when he injured his back.

CBD is extracted from the male hemp plant, which has been grown for industrial uses for decades. It can also be extracted from the female marijuana plant, but only legally processed in a handful of states; Wisconsin is not one of them. But Wisconsin does now allow farmers to grow industrial hemp through a pilot program.

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance as opposed to the highly psychoactive relative, THC.

We asked Comacho several questions about his business and what makes it unique.

Why did you start your business?

Javier Camacho is a former Spectrum employee with an entrepreneurial spirit. Wear and tear from 18 years as a cable technician and a recent back injury lead him to try CBD oil to aid in his recovery. After discovering the benefits of CBD Javier decided to go into business selling CBD products but wanted to find the right approach, one focused on health and wellness. CBD American Shaman fits nicely with his vision.

CBD American Shaman Racine offers CBD products with proprietary nanotechnology, which makes the CBD more bio-available. This means that it is absorbed faster and lasts longer in the body.

Why did you choose the location you did?

Javier wanted to find an exceptional location that reflected the high-quality products he would be selling. He found that in the historic district of downtown Racine.

What can your clients/customers expect when they come to your business?

CBD American Shaman Racine is a place where everyone can feel comfortable. Customers are invited to try a sample, sit down, relax and learn about the many different uses for CBD products. Javier is proud to join in American Shaman’s mission of helping those who have stress and pain in their everyday move toward wellness.

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