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Greetings all.

As we fast approach the upcoming fall season, I hope everyone had great summer.

While we all have been enjoying from 1 st Fridays to weekly beer gardens, and many more summer fun activities around our community, the Mount Pleasant village board and the staff have been working to continue to move the village forward, from daily routine business to significant strategic development decisions.

I am pleased to submit my quarterly progress report to you as my employers, as below. Continuing investing in our community and planning for the future, major areas of focus have been:

  •  Study and approvals of various development plans in line with the anticipated community needs and challenges of the changing economic conditions, such as development agreement with Aurora Health Care, welcoming new businesses such as My Place Hotel to name a few.
  • Study and approval of McGrath Compensation study to ensure we remain committed to developing and retaining the talented village staff.
  • Strategic approvals of Foxconn Valley development such as landscaping plans.

For more details please visit the MP Village website and FB.

Thank you to all who have shared their positive ideas. If you have any ideas to continue to improve our community, please send me an email because I would value your input.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve. Together, the board is providing civilized leadership.

Ram Bhatia

Mount Pleasant Trustee, Seat # 5