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This movie stinks worse than a sewage treatment plant in July.

Sylvester Stallone takes his fifth turn as the kill-happy Vietnam veteran, John Rambo. Here, Rambo is trying to live a quiet life on a horse farm, when his surrogate daughter decides to search for her birth father in Mexico.

While in Mexico, she is kidnapped by sex traffickers, leaving Rambo to rescue her. He does, in fact, rescue her, but not before she passes away from a heroin overdose. Of course, Rambo must have his revenge, so he sneaks into the enemy compound, and slits as many throats as he can.

Knowing that the Mexican gang will be hot on his trail, he returns to the farm to lay in wait, after setting what seems like thousands of booby traps. The rest of this movie plays out like a deranged version of Home Alone, with paint cans and Micro Machines being swapped out for hunting knives and pitch forks.

If this truly is the conclusion of the John Rambo saga, then Stallone did a disservice to his own legacy by not making it something more than a slaughterhouse revenge opus. Also, points off for populating the movie with more Hispanic stereotypes than you can shake a stick at.