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Jessica Babington

CALEDONIA, Wis. – A 32-year-old woman was revived on her bedroom floor by police after overdosing on Sunday, having left a purse full of narcotics and paraphernalia within reach of her minor child.

Jessica R. Babington is charged by the Racine County Circuit Court with possession of narcotic drugs and drug paraphernalia, first degree recklessly endangering safety and neglecting a child where specific harm did not occur. Babington is a repeat offender and has previous convictions on her record.

If convicted of these four charges, two of them felony charges, Babington could be fined up to $45,500, imprisoned for as long as 16 years and 10 months, have her driving privileges suspended between six months and five years or all three.

According to the criminal complaint, an officer was dispatched to Babington’s residence in Caledonia for a report of an overdose. The officer met the 911 caller and was brought into the residence.

Babington’s child was sitting on the bed while she was overdosing on the bedroom floor. A purse was located near Babington whose contents included several used needles, used crack pipes, a prescription bottle with unknown pills, empty cut-corner plastic baggies, metal clips used to clean the pipes and a baggie with powder that later tested positive for heroin. The purse and its contents were within reach of Babington’s child.

Multiple doses of Narcan were used to revive Babington and she was transported to the hospital.

Babington admitted the purse’s contents belonged to her and that she left her daughter home at 2 a.m. to get heroin and smoke crack. She recalls using heroin at about 9:30 am in the bathroom and does not remember what happened after taking the heroin.