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Wendy Kim Peterson, 59, died on October 3, 2019. She was born on September 11, 1960.

Many individuals who knew Wendy know she had a rough start to life. Due to Wendy’s diagnosis of Down Syndrome, many people believed individuals like her had no place in this world. Unfortunately, they were put away behind closed doors never to be seen again. At three days old, Wendy was placed in an institution (Southern Colony). Thankfully, Wendy’s story, while sad to start, had a much happier ending.

While Wendy’s start to life was difficult, she flourished despite her first attempt at being mainstreamed into society not going as planned at the age of 19. Fortunately, six months later, Wendy found placement at a group home for adults with disabilities in Racine, WI. Wendy resided in Racine County where she lived happily until she passed away.

Despite being non-verbal, Wendy communicated with her close friends through her passionate blue eyes, warm demeanor and sassy personality. You knew when Wendy smiled at you that you received one of her greatest blessings. Although she incurred many obstacles in life, her strength and courage prevailed. Wendy was one of God’s angels put on this earth; for those who got to know her we have been blessed.

Wendy will be dearly missed by Maggie (her guardian) and Larry White, Kendra (DiPiazza) White, Bryan White, Rebecca Bursek, Erika Kuiper Harnum, Kim Regep, Brianna Torres, Alysson Torres, Liz Kaufman, Penny Adolph and Carol Roundtree. Wendy will also be missed by her friends at Achievements’ Day Services, her housemates and friends with James Cares, and the many care providers who showed her love and compassion throughout her life.

No funeral services will be held at this time. A celebration of life will be held in November 2019. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Up With Downs in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness month:

Please send condolences to Maresh-Meredith & Acklam Funeral Home.