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The Racine Unified School District Esports season started off with teams playing Overwatch, a team-based game where two opposing teams battle one another to capture objectives, in week one.

This game features every sort of character, from the Ronin Samurai Archer, Hanzo Shimata, to a genetically enhanced hamster in a mechanized and weaponized hamster ball known as Hammond, the Wrecking Ball. Points are scored by the teams securing objectives, escorting a “payload” along a map and defending said capture points. This is one of Esports, a global sports venue completely organized online, biggest franchises. One of Horlick’s students received a $9,000 scholarship to play for Robert Morris’ team.

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Let’s get started with week one results!

Horlick High School vs. Wilmot High School

Horlick had a dominating presence in their first match against Wilmot. They swept Wilmot 4-0 with OutrunZiva’s (Robert Clark) Hanzo pulling off trick headshots. Wilmot had a tough time making it out of their spawn until they gathered as a team and moved as a unit. However, they played Horlick’s game, and the Rebels reminded Not Your Parents Basement (NYPB) just exactly who they are. 

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J.I. Case High School vs Union Grove Union High School

Case lost 0-4 against Union Grove in the opening match. While the teamwork and communication was present, Union Grove managed to one up them. It wasn’t easy for Union Grove, as Case pushed valiantly to lock down each objective. They’ll just need a tweak or two, moving forward.

REAL School vs Walden III High School 

In the seasons first official RUSD v RUSD match, Walden III faced REAL School, sweeping them with a 4-0 win. This match was highly anticipated among the fans, and Walden certainly did not disappoint. The coordination among the team and proper skill use allowed Walden to completely control the pace of the game, giving no quarter to REAL. They clinched their win with a shattering team kill lead by FalnerWit’s (Xavier Lopez) Wrecking Ball leading the way with a minefield on the point. Smack in the center of REAL’s defenses. We look forward to seeing what both teams bring to week two

YouTube video

Washington Park 

Park had some technical difficulties in their first week, causing them to have to reschedule and limiting this reporter’s ability to cover the match. However, their varsity team swept their competition, 4-0, to start strong. The Panthers left their paw print, and are prowling for more.