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I’m a professional Matchmaker, and in my day to day work, I meet a lot of people looking for that “elusive” love.

In my discussions, I find a number of things blazingly similar.

People are lonely, people want to connect, and people worry that they won’t find someone. This ranges across all channels-young, old and in-between. People are interested in finding love but they have become numb to it. It’s “app burnout” and it’s actually a very real thing. People have become addicted to finding something better. We can go out on a number of dates with someone….we click, and then a new, shiny bulb shows up and we have hope that they will be the perfect one….until another shiny new bulb shows up.

CBS did a documentary on it. Take a watch:

So, how do we navigate this never-ending supply of fresh new bulbs?

We stop looking at our apps like they are an email.

We connect with one person at a time and go out with them. Focus on getting to know them, if there is a spark.

We make space for someone special and invest the time in getting to know them through many different avenues.

We go into it knowing what we want and stick to our guns. We have a mental list of our needs and a list of our wants. We don’t waiver.

We respect the person who is in front of us. They have feelings and hopes just as much as we do.

We stop thinking there is better. There may be better, but the better sometimes just turns into different.

We are all fragile, tender and sensitive. Be kind to the person sitting across from you. Be nice. Always

Lori Mendelsohn

Lori Mendelsohn is a matchmaker in the Milwaukee area. Her business is www.smartfunnysingle and she has over a dozen marriages under her belt with one engagement pending. She uses her intuition and knowledge of the human condition to match singles.