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Thank you, Racine and Kenosha. You made our kick-off for Gametime Blitz, a predictive sports game that is entertaining and fun, a great success.

Over 5,000 people have downloaded the Gametime Blitz app, and are playing to win in one of our subscriber locations. To see the subscriber locations in Racine and Kenosha, check out the list on our website. We have already paid out over $6,000 in weekly cash prizes and given away Packers tickets as well.

If you watch sports on TV, we make a game of it. Hundreds of people are playing Gametime Blitz at one of the many establishments near you. Those bars and taverns are offering Gametime Blitz to their customers with cash prizes paid every week.

What is Gametime Blitz?

Playing is easy. Just download the app and get ready to answer twenty questions we send to your mobile phone about a game to be played that day. Questions such as will there be a strikeout in inning one? Will there be a touchdown in the first quarter? Will Aaron Rodgers have another winning touchdown?

Gametime Blitz has ever-changing questions whether the sport is football, baseball, basketball or hockey. We check your answers and as the game is played post your score in real-time on the leader-board. If you are a winner, you collect your prize at the end of the game. During the game, you will get three additional pop up questions for a higher score and a tie-breaker if needed. That is it. Download and play is free. All you need is your phone to play and compete in your favorite location.

What business owners get out of the hosting 

Bar and tavern owners are finding that Gametime Blitz works and pays for itself. Their patrons are downloading the app, having fun and getting prizes, and the dwell times are 3- to 4-times those of non-players. Locations tell us, “When they play, they stay,”

One player said he planned to stay in one of our locations for a half-hour, but once he started playing the game “I stayed for three hours!. And the next time I played I won $50.”

Another said he and his girlfriend played and soon everyone at their table was playing. “We had lots of fun. We were still watching the game on TV that we came to watch, but checking our score and answering pop up questions and comparing scores as the game was played. It was great. And my girlfriend won $20.”

Want to learn more? 

Look for our billboards around Racine and Kenosha, and coming soon, around Green Bay and Madison.

If your favorite watering hole does not yet have Gametime Blitz ask them to sign up. As our location numbers grow the weekly cash prizes will grow and more people will play to win even bigger prizes.

Got questions? Check out or contact our sales manager, Daniel Daams, at (262) 930-1117 or email