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RACINE, WI – The Racine Unified School Board voted unanimously on a facilities plan that includes closing nine elementary schools and building five new facilities. But the transition will likely take up to 10 years to implement, according to a story by TMJ4.

The plan took nearly a year to put together and included a number of stakeholders. They considered a number of elements, including the age of the facilities, safety concerns, changing curriculum and changing demographics.

See what’s included in the plan.

“The Board did not vote last night to close schools, per say,” said Emily Neubauer, a spokesperson for RUSD. “They voted to accept RUSD’s Long-Range Facilities Master Plan, which includes closing some current school sites and building new ones to give our students the best educational opportunities available to them.”

The proposal includes closing Giese Elementary, Janes Elementary, Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary, Jones Elementary, North Park Elementary, Red Apple Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, Schulte Elementary, and West Ridge Elementary.

The approved proposal also included five replacement facilities: two elementary schools, two middle schools, and one K-8 facility.

The plan also needs a funding mechanism approved by the board before it is implemented, Neubauer said.

Now that the proposal has been approved by the board, administrators will put together a financing plan. The school board will vote on that Jan. 27.

For more information, you can read the full article here.

Editor’s note: This version of the story includes a clarification that the board approved the Long Range Master Facility Plan.