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They said, “If you was white, you’d be alright,
If you was brown, stick around,
But as you’s black, oh, brother, get back, get back, get back”

-Big Bill Broonzy

Chester Todd Jr. NAACP nothing
Chester Todd Jr., 75

The disappearance of Julian Castro from the circle of Democratic Party Presidential hopefuls guarantees that the next President of the United States will be white and probably male.  Those of color, especially Black, knew all along that as a Hispanic — just like his other fellows of color — there was no chance of him being the nominee. 

I wonder when will the Hispanic population understand that the inner working of the Party is just like their political adversaries on the other side of the spectrum, If you white you are alright, if you brown stick around, but if you Black get back!

For some odd reason, immigrants of color have bought into the fallacy of Americanism and it’s thinly veiled Constitution.  The stench of racism was actually written in the document and was the main underpinning of America’s foundation starting when the pilgrims first put a foot on the rock. 

As a side note: The discrimination against Red, Brown, and Black also extends in a lesser degree to white females whose social promotions have usually followed on the coattails of Black civil right advancement, so, historically speaking,  the writing appears to be on the wall for both Senators Elizabeth Warren and  Amy Klobuchar.

Furthermore, once the population becomes mostly Hispanic, a foregone conclusion agreed upon by many social scientist, the plight of Blacks will not improve, simply because, those who seek American citizenship come not only to participate but also to replicate, thus leaving Blacks as always, on the bottom rung of the ladder of social justice.  

However, all issues of discrimination and racism facing Blacks cannot be blamed on whites and incoming immigrants.  The old saying “your own worst enemy” can be applied to the levels of internal fractalization hampering Black unity.  The negatives of self-imposed destruction include internal biases of class structure, certain religious doctrine, and believe it or not, color discrimination.   

Another side note of great importance:  I was once told a frightening observation by an old professor of mine, “the two things that are most pertinent to survival in America, are money and land, and since both of those elements lie in the hands of powerful whites who have no intentions of giving them away, Blacks and Hispanics, even with greater numbers population-wise, shall remain on the outside looking in!”

Written by Chester Todd

One Black man’s Opinion

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.