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MADISON, WI — Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers signed six bipartisan bills into law on Tuesday, January 21. The governor acted on the following bills:

Senate Bill 214, now 2020 Wisconsin Act 70:

  • Makes comprehensive modifications to municipal ordinance enforcement and municipal court procedures to promote clarity, efficiency, and cost reduction.

Senate Bill 233, now 2020 Wisconsin Act 71:

Authorizes the Department of Employee Trust Funds to withhold money from a participant’s Wisconsin Retirement System annuity or lump sum payment consistent with a court order of restitution.

Senate Bill 247, now 2020 Wisconsin Act 72:

  • Permits the use of surveillance devices during real estate showings to prevent any invasion of privacy claims for such use.

Senate Bill 296, now 2020 Wisconsin Act 73:

  • Requires the Department of Natural Resources, in consultation with the Department of Health Services to design and produce signs that raise awareness of Lyme disease, and appropriates funds for this purpose.

Senate Bill 297, now 2020 Wisconsin Act 74:

  • Requires insect repellent to be available for purchase in state parks and forests to help reduce the incidence of Lyme disease in Wisconsin.

Senate Bill 334, now 2020 Wisconsin Act 75:

  • Expands protections and considerations for students who are called into active military service while they are enrolled in a university, technical, or private institution.

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