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First name*:

Answer: William

Last name*:

Answer: Hinca


Answer: 61


Answer: 1200-A N. Wisconsin St.

How long have you lived in the community:

Answer: 20+ Years in the Fourth District.

What position are you running for?*:

Answer: 4th District Alderman

Have you ever held an elected office position before?* Yes or No

Answer: No

If so, what position(s) were you elected to?*:

Answer: N/A

In thinking about your election bid, what top three issues need to be addressed?*:

Answer: A) Deficiency in hearing the public’s wants and needs. B) Obtaining public records without hesitation and open financial expenditures of services. Landlord and Tenant relations need to be addressed to clean up those services that are in disrepair and to have equal opportunity for both parties concerned. C) Deficiencies in education, lack of opportunities in jobs and businesses to open. Racine has talented individuals and they need outlets for those opportunities, and no denials from city officials to have those opportunities – without discrimination.

How would you plan to address those issues?*:


A) We all need to be heard. When issues arise, they should be addressed to the appropriate offices concerning them. They can not be set aside and a realistic answer should be given.
B) Records and information should be transparent. Landlords should become more accountable for having dumps and making excuses. As well as, tenants should become informed of there rights and not to be afraid to report their landlords without becoming evicted. They too need to respect the properties when given the opportunity. City officials don’t do enough to cure this. There used to be an inspection unit to inspect apartments before they could be rented. Clarity is not something that should be only to those in office. If this process continues in secrecy it will become a very toxic environment in the long run. The more information is withheld, the more citizens will be in opposition. So far they’re doing just that.
C) Deficiencies in education and lack of opportunities in employment and businesses to open should not be meet with opposition, discrimination and one-sided approval.

In reference to those issues you have identified, what would success look like to you in making an impact?*:

Answer: Be creative. Be inventive. Try different methods till something gives you success. Not to be afraid to speak out without being reprimanded or have retaliation. Racine is changing to having a stronger voice. There is a movement that should not stop. Even harder if you encounter city officials thwarting your efforts to succeed. I will be a voice for them.

Why are those issues important to you?*:

Answer: I’m tired of hearing bullshit from our city officials on allocating funds inappropriately. The ability to having transparent government gives us better choices and opportunities to make Racine what it should be. Our youth deserve opportunities. They are the next generation to make this city great again.

At the end of your term, what would you like to have accomplished?*:

Answer: At a Marshall High School in Milwaukee, (a MPS-Milwaukee Public School) initiated a program which brought in lay persons with extensive trade/street experience and had them become instructors to connect students with future employers. Even put the students in a co-op program at the employers for class work. The high school went from a high percentage drop out rating to lower than expected percentage rating for successful integration of workers in the work force. Would it be a deterrent for crime? Who would know? Be Creative. Maybe this past co-op example could do the same for health care. Interest and involvement could help with health care initiatives to solve some issues. The requirement of volunteers to have dental care work done would be a good teaching experience with professional overseeing the work. Success starts with trying. Without involvement it doesn’t become accomplished.

Why should people vote for you?*:

Answer: Being real, honest and concerned for others has made me who I am. I am grateful to have been involved in my neighborhood achievements. Treat people the way you want to be treated goes a long way. I’m unbiased and direct.

What is your educational background?*:

Answer: An Associate-Commercial Art from MATC-Milwaukee. Two Bachelor of Science degrees from UW-Parkside. 1) Criminal Justice. 2) Graphic Design. With Honors. Communication Minor. Conflict Resolution Certificate. 2006. Mediator for the City of Racine-Court House cases. Civil, Business and Landlord/Tenant cases for 4.5 Years as a volunteer with Neighborhood Watch Programs.

What civic organizations do you belong to?

Answer: Neighborhood Watch, Safe Haven of Racine Inc., Veteran’s Village-Tiny Houses of Racine, Racine County Food Bank, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Dragon Boats.