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Email address*:


First name*:

Answer: Jody

Last name*:

Answer: Spencer


Answer: 58


Answer: 1945 Saturn Ave

How long have you lived in the community:

Answer: All of my life

What position are you running for?*:

Answer: Racine County Supervisor, 5th District

Have you ever held an elected office position before?* Yes or No

Answer: No

If so, what position(s) were you elected to?*:

Answer: N/A

In thinking about your election bid, what top three issues need to be addressed?*:

Answer: We need more employment opportunities that offer fair wages and job security for Racine residents. Services, some necessary, have been cut for reasons that I find questionable, finalizing my decision to run. Transparency regarding Foxconn and better support for our small businesses and local entrepreneurs is also a top issue.

How would you plan to address those issues?*:

Answer: Incentives for employers who hire permanent workers would be where I’d start. There are too many low paying and temporary jobs in the county right now. I’ll work to see that we attract employers who can offer jobs that are more secure, and workers who can be trained and will feel they can have a future with their families here. Organizations are suffering due to lack of funding from the County. I feel some things in our budget have been misdirected and because of that, our residents are worse off. For instance, $25,000 was cut from the Veterans’ Outreach Center but then they voted to keep County covered health insurance for 10 of the 21 qualified County Board Supervisors. This, along with other cuts, was a poor decision. I hope to work with many of these organizations to help find solutions for now, and address funding again in future budgets. I’ll help with oversight on County issues regarding incentives and where they would be best used. The county can focus on encouraging small businesses and helping individuals to succeed by offering them more opportunities, rather than putting taxpayers on the hook for a huge international company with bad track records.

In reference to those issues you have identified, what would success look like to you in making an impact?*:

Answer: I’ve always appreciated my union and the benefits associated with it. I’ve seen the struggles that happened after Act 10 was passed. Many people still haven’t found secure employment, and certain trades are overwhelmed. Investing in workers is worthwhile. If employees earn sustainable wages at reliable jobs with reasonable expectations, lower turnover and higher loyalty can be reached. The dedication of both should be a win/win.

Why are those issues important to you?*:

Answer: They matter because they are important for our whole community. Having lived and worked here for my entire life, I’ve witnessed too many hardships. People rely on services that the County offered. Cuts to those services put them further behind in health, wealth and faith in their government. I want to see that change.

At the end of your term, what would you like to have accomplished?*:

Answer: I feel that having my voice on the County Board will make a difference for people. I’ll do my best to keep an eye on programs that work for the good of all, not just the few. I’ll work to see our economy thrive with family-sustaining wages and local hiring while providing needed services for people who need them.

Why should people vote for you?*:

Answer: For the reasons above, and that I have many years of leadership experience and community involvement. For most of my career as a Letter Carrier in Racine, I was on our Local Executive Board. I serve as the Wisconsin State Association of Letter Carriers Director of Communications; I have Chaired that Board since 2014. I’m also the Vice President of the Racine Labor Council. I know how to work objectively in solving problems. Mainly, I have concerns for workers and their rights to protection and benefits. I have always been community-minded. Since retiring, I’ve attended County Board meetings and see where and why my voice is needed.

What is your educational background?*:

Answer: I graduated from Walden and attended college for a while before getting hired to a stable career that didn’t require a degree. In 2013, I graduated from an intensive nation-wide leadership training program similar to our Leadership Racine.

What civic organizations do you belong to?

Answer: I’m a tutor with United Way’s Schools of Hope. I’m a long-time volunteer and venue manager for Thoughts for Food benefiting the Racine County Food Bank. I serve on my church Board of Trustees. I’ve organized annual MDA golf outings. I’m connected to organizations including Clean Power and Racine Interfaith Coalitions. I look forward to serving our community in the 5th District and Racine County.