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My parents met on a blind date, long ago in the sixties.  My mother was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and my father was born and raised here in Racine.  My dad’s best friend was Stan and he was dating Margaret from Chicago, my mom’s best friend. This was a time when supper clubs and summer resorts were all the rage, like in the movie “Dirty Dancing”. Lake Lawn Lodge, in Lake Geneva, is where they met on a blind date long ago.

Stan brought along his buddy, Ron, and Margaret brought along her girlfriend, Kathleen.  I always remember my mom stating that she thought my Dad was nice and funny. But on their second date, she fell madly in love with him. My dad always said he knew on the first date!  

They dated and traveled back and forth between Racine and Chicago, until my dad was called back to duty in the Army.  This military action was for the Berlin Call Up and the Cuban Missile Crisis. My mother remembers this time with fear.  Little did she know, that the minute my dad had met her, he had begun collecting dimes in a large canning jar to purchase her engagement ring.  They wed once he returned!

They married and settled in Racine, where my father worked for Western Publishing for almost 40 years.  They had three children and had been married for over 52 years. They are known as Grandma and Poppy to their seven grandchildren. Spending a lifetime enjoying each other and their family, they loved the Dells, the Ho Chunk Casino, watching sports together, and babysitting every one of the grandkids!  They never missed a Park Basketball game and became a staple in the stands. Sitting in the front row for over two decades, this became a tradition as they watched their son play for Park High School and then later continued as he coached for the Park team. Whoever thought my father, a Cubs fan, and my mother, a Sox fan, could make it last? They did!  No matter what team they loved, they never doubted their love for each other!

Like a page out of a storybook, Ron took care of Kathleen until the day he died. It’s been three years since he left us and she misses him every day.  Now Stan and Margaret…..they went their own ways but we will always be grateful to them for bringing our parents together!

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