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When updating a residential property, landscaping can give the yard a substantial facelift. As you design the new look, you must consider the materials that you’ll use. Different materials will have varying properties that affect the durability and appearance of the landscaping features you add. Here are some essential materials for landscaping that you should use.


Brick is a material that is useful for various applications. This includes buildings, outdoor staircases, and smaller structures in the yard such as edging and walkways. Bricks consist of clay and you can vary them in size, color, and arrangement to fit into your desired landscaping style. When you plan to lay them down, you should compress the ground and makes sure that it is level so that the bricks remain firm and stable as you stack them.


Although concrete can technically be formed into bricks of its own, it is more commonly poured into larger, single-piece slabs. Because it does comprise one uniform piece, it possesses high longevity and does not take as long to put down in a landscaping setting. However, you must take extra care to ensure that the ground it’s laid on is firm. Any shifts in the soil underneath concrete can lead to irreparably significant cracks (though some cracking should be expected), as well as weaker concrete if water cannot drain through the ground properly.

Plastic Lumber

Plastic lumber is another versatile material that can dramatically improve a yard. It looks and acts as regular wood, and can be cut into the shape and size needed for various landscaping applications, including fencing, decks, and retaining walls. At the same time, it does not suffer from any of wood’s normal drawbacks, since it is made from recycled HDPE. Its inorganic composition means that it resists moisture, rotting, chipping, and warping. It also does not discolor, as UV inhibitors are added to it.

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