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Last Thursday, WHS staff removed dozens of cats from a single home in Racine County.  It was shocking and heartbreaking to know that the cats – and the owner – had been living in such uninhabitable conditions. Feces and urine permeated nearly every surface of the home.

Scared and undersocialized, the cats scrambled into holes in the walls – and even the ceiling. After hours of hard work in grueling conditions, we managed to safely contain dozens of cats. We set traps before we left for the evening, and we brought back even more cats over the weekend. And unfortunately, we discovered some deceased cats and kittens. 

With their history, we know these cats and kittens are going to need a lot of support both medically and behaviorally. Many will need alternative placement in our Working Cat program. Others are in foster care. 

Would you consider making a gift to help them on their road to recovery? Every dollar makes a difference and it’s the community’s dedication to helping animals that makes it possible for us to always step up to help animals in need. Thank you for your consideration! 

If you are interested in adopting, please keep an eye on our “Available Cats” webpage; several will be available for adoption this week, many as “working” cats or “Hidden Treasures”; others need more time for behavioral and medical reasons. 

If you believe someone is struggling with animal hoarding, it’s important to reach out for help. It’s a serious mental health challenge that can quickly spiral out of control, affecting not only the animals, but the owners, their families, and the community. Please call your local law enforcement, animal welfare organization, health department, or mental health agency for supportive resources.