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Hi, I’m Marc Silverman, a 64Yr. old lifelong Racine County resident. Having attended UW Madison, I’m now a retired Controls Engineer, and I find myself concerned about the practices of government in our Village of Caledonia, to the extent that I’m motivated to run for a board seat.  I’d like to share with you a few of the concerns I have that have led me to this action.

With millions in tax revenue wasted annually supporting failing TIF’s, hundreds of thousands wasted from 11yrs of unchecked embezzlement or misappropriation of Village funds, multiple lawsuits stemming from lack of published procedural guidelines, and a total disregard for the millions spent creating our land use plans, it’s time we recognize that we have a governance problem.

There is also the matter of The Board’s casual disregard for public interests and concerns.  For example, placing commercial driveways up against a homeowner’s property line without setback is NOT acceptable. The golden rule!  We should demand better.  This problem is further evidenced by our Board’s practice of muzzling citizen’s comments in “giving us” exactly 2 minutes to speak. It’s ridiculous! Would you tell your boss “You have 2 minutes…what’s up?” Board members have lost their way.

For granting the privilege of public service of, for and by The People of Caledonia, we deserve better. The weight of citizen concerns must bear heavily on our representatives when deciding how we should live, and our money spent. It needs to be understood that we aren’t here to be merely tolerated and that our interests are certainly not to be subordinated for the benefit of a few with deep pockets. We CAN do better, With over 3 decades of management experience in business with fortune 500 companies, I can do better for you. With your help, I certainly will. Thank you for your time,