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The community of Racine is being affected by the COVID-19. This virus is affecting people and businesses in ways beyond the imaginable. You may be one of the people who are at home wishing that there was a way to support the community. Are you unsure of how to help? Here are ways to give back and contribute to small business owners and the community at large. Have an idea or have something that you need help with? Leave a comment in the section below or reach out to

1. Caledonia Fire Department 

Help Wanted: Mask Donations Needed 

We would like to thank all of the firefighters in Racine County who are on the front lines of battling this virus. They are on the clock nonstop helping people in the Racine area for all kinds of emergencies. Due to the state of the COVID-19, it is extremely important that these individuals are prepared and must take precautions when on duty. The Caledonia Fire Department is in need of our help. They are in crucial need of N95 Masks, surgical masks, and/or dust masks. The Caledonia Fire Department’s stocks of masks are running low. Also, note that donations of masks will also be distributed to other fire departments. If you are able to help or know of someone who can, call 262-835-2050 or reach out to them via Facebook

2. Virtual Tip Jar

Help Wanted: Monetary Donations 

Many restaurants, cafes, and bars have had to close their doors or limit their hours due to the pandemic. Bartenders and waiters that take care of us day in and day out are in need of financial support. A virtual tip jar was created along with the information of those who work in the food industry’s contact information and payment information. By using technology such as PayPal or Venmo, you can make a donation of any amount to your favorite bartender, waiter or waitress. By leaving a tip for these individuals, you can help them stay afloat during these tough circumstances. Any amount is greatly appreciated by our local servers and food industry staff. Hopefully, sooner than later, we will be able to attend our favorite diners and see our favorite staff again. Click the first link below to view the document containing the contact and payment information. If you are someone who would benefit from this virtual tip jar because you are a food industry worker being affected by COVID-19, then click the second link to sign up. Thank you to Real Racine for setting this up!

Contact/Payment Info Link

Sign up Sheet 

3. Community GoFundMe Fundraiser 

 Help Wanted: Monetary Donations 
The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery: 262-637-4730 

The Ivanhoe Pub and Eatery is a local Irish American pub located in Downtown Racine. They are in the heart of downtown, and this community fills a big spot in their heart. The owner, Douglas Nicholson, found a way to give back through his restaurant and a GoFundMe fundraising page. A GoFundMe was created to raise money to offset the cost of meals that will be provided to doctors and nurses at the ER, Firefighters, Racine Police Department, HALO, and The Racine Hospitality Center. To give back to the ones who are giving so much to our community during this difficult time, you can also call The Ivanhoe Pub and Eatery and request to pay for a meal. Pay it forward and pay for a meal via phone or donate directly to the Gofundme page. Those on the frontlines deserve our support! If you would like the meal to go to a particular place, notify Ivanhoe. Click the link to visit the Gofundme page.  

4. Racine Strong T-shirts 

Help Wanted: T-shirt Fundraiser  

To help out in the community, We Make Tshirts, a local business in Racine is offering the service of making an online storefront to any businesses that may benefit from selling merchandise. The financial gain from selling merchandise will all benefit the business in need. This service will be offered free of charge as a way to support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Storefronts can be set up to purchase T-shirts, hoodies, hats, or even jackets. Businesses will be able to set up this storefront completely free of charge.  

So how does a business get an online web store? Send your logo to We Make TShirts. Once they have your logo, they will create products with your logo. The store will then be launched online. Customers who purchase a product will have the choice to pick up their item or have it shipped. If you are a business owner that is interested, or has any questions, contact me FB  262-672-5625. Once your storefront is open, share the link and encourage people to purchase from the merchandise. An arrangement of colors and sizes will be available for each store. 

Additionally, if you are a Racine community member looking for a way to help out,  you may purchase a “Racine Strong” T-shirt to benefit local businesses and the community. The COVID-19 might try and knock us down, but we are a strong community and will overcome this! 

Click here.

5. Small Business  

Help Wanted: Gift Card Fundraiser  

Most small businesses in Racine are not open at this time. However, that does not mean that you can’t support them during this hardship. A spreadsheet was created by a thoughtful community member. While they may not be open at this time, by viewing this sheet, you can contact them via Facebook, email or phone. Purchase a gift card now and use it later to treat yourself to a nice meal, donate the gift card to someone in need, or use the giftcards to get holiday shopping done later. The benefit to purchasing a gift card is that the small businesses will receive the support now which will help them while they are shut down. Check out the list below and don’t hesitate to contact anyone. Everyone is gladly willing to assist. 

Click this link to view the businesses offering gift cards.

If you are a business that would like to be added to this list, please click this link.

6. Racine County Eye 

Help Wanted: Advertise and Subscribe 

Racine County Eye provides local news to those in Racine for FREE. Financially, the Racine County Eye operates based on restaurants, events and retail revenue. Due to the pandemic, the Racine County Eye is losing support financially. Free and local journalism is so important at a time like this where the news is continually changing. The Racine County Eye wants to continually give the community of Racine a source of news that is honest and informative. 

There are two ways that you can support your community and the Racine County Eye. The first way is to purchase advertisements. The Racine County Eye is offering this to local businesses at low-cost deals. For more information about this, click this link.

Second, support Racine County Eye by subscribing. It is as easy as entering your email. If you feel inclined, donate and this will support local journalism. Remember, it is free!  Click this link for more information.

We are your local news source. We support you and you support us and that is why we need each other to get through this pandemic and its effects. 

7. Stay Home

Help Wanted: Stay Home and Stay Healthy

One of the most impactful things that you can do for your community is to stay home. It is as simple as that! Staying home and practicing social distancing can help flatten the curve of this pandemic and stop the spread of this virus. Make some popcorn and watch endless movies because you’ve got nothing but time. To get some fresh air, go into your backyard and clean up the yard. You’d be surprised, there are a lot of activities and tasks you can complete while home.

8. Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin

Help Wanted: Non-perishable Food Donations

The Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin is gladly accepting donations at this time to help veterans who are in need. The food pantry stock is critically low. This stock needs to be replenished to help Veterans and their families. The items that are needed most are: spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, jelly, canned chicken, canned tuna, canned fruit, and paper products.

Drop off information:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. @ 1624 Yout St. Racine, WI
  • 24/7 Dropbox- 1624 Yout St. Racine, WI (West side of building, around the corner from front door)
  • Contact: ​​ for large quantities of food/pallets

Registered Veterans:

  • Pantry hours are available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Please stay home if you are sick and contact us for delivery
  • Bring a clean cardboard box
  • Arrive at your usual scheduled time/day

To register (Veterans):

  • DD2-14 form
  • Valid ID
  • Call 262-221-8350 or email ​​ to register
  • Tuesday-Thursday 11:00am-4:00pm

Everyone who donates or helps the Veterans is helping to eliminate food insecurity. These individuals have given so much to our community and country, so if you are able, please consider donating to them.

9.Buddy’s Sports Bar and Grill

Help Wanted: Assistance From a Distance- Gofundme Fundraiser

The owners and staff at Buddy’s Sports Bar and Grill have created a gofundme page to help assist high-risk individuals and essential workers during this time. Their efforts stem from hoping to help flatten the curve as well as to give back to the community. The purpose of this gofundme page is to collect donations for those who are unable to pick up their meal. These individuals may not be able to pick up meals due to age, illness, or employment and Buddy’s Sports Bar and Grill wants to ensure these people are taken care of.

When you give, you give Buddy’s the opportunity to deliver nutritious and hot meals to high-risk individuals and essential workers. Racine needs our support and this is one way that you can provide assistance from a distance. There is a goal of $5,000 and with your help, they can fulfill that.

Check out the page here.

10. Mask for my Heros

Help Wanted: Gofundme Fundraiser

Kristina Watanabe is quite the crafter and community leader. She has sewing skills and is producing masks for healthcare workers who are on the frontlines. Not all of us are able to craft like her, but that is okay because you can still contribute to help her create these masks for those who are in need. To support her and the essential workers of Racine, consider giving to her online fundraiser.

She has the material and the ability to sew. All that you need to do is share her gofundme page and donate to it. Kristina is kindly accepting any amount of monetary donation, but has a goal of$2,000. ​There will be no cost to healthcare workers for these preventive pieces of equipment. If you are looking to help, but are unsure of how-to, this is a great way to make a big impact.

Donate here.

Big or small, whatever way that you are able to give to the Racine community is greatly appreciated. No donation is too small and every good deed will be appreciated. Together as a community, we can help those who are in need. There is no community like the Racine community, let’s get helping. Do you know of an organization or business that needs support? Contact us at