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These are certainly unfamiliar times and I’m sure everyone is taking the necessary precautions to care for themselves and their loved ones. 

At TAG™, we understand the uncertainty facing business owners as well. With all the news and noise surrounding this public health crisis, many of our clients and partners are still left with questions about what’s next. During times like this, it’s critical to continue operations and respond to the unique demands that all business owners are facing. You can count on TAG™ to answer your questions, support your business, and set strategy to manage that uncertainty.

We recommend all business owners review the following:

  • Seek advice from your financial partners
  • Review your HR policies regarding absenteeism and remote work
  • Evaluate revenue streams and customer base
  • Communicate transparently with your customers, understand how they are being affected
  • Assess and, if needed, modify how you deliver products and services

We also recommend following updates from these organizations for the latest news and guidance:

For TAG™, this is our area of expertise and you can rely on us to answer any questions or concerns that you have about the finance and accounting impacts on your business. Let our team can help you better understand and manage these concerns. Please visit us at or contact Andrew Strozinsky at for more information.

Stay positive, stay connected and stay safe. We are all in this together.