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Beginning Monday, April 6, Burlington Area School District (BASD) will implement important changes to simplify its Meal Assistance Program distribution and better serve the community. Moving forward, adults need only visit pick-up locations three times per week for a school week’s worth of breakfast and lunch meals for their students. In addition, the district has added three new pick-up locations and changed one of the existing four locations to simplify access to those meals.

“Picking up meals three times per week instead of five will be easier on families with limited transportation and allows more time to remain safer-at-home,” said Ruth Schenning, Business Manager for the Burlington Area School District. “Plus, the new locations may be more convenient for many to walk to.”

Since the BASD Meal Assistance program kicked off on Tuesday, March 17, it has already provided 478 meals the first week, 519 meals the second and 600+ in the last week. The demand is anticipated to grow further with these simplified distribution procedures for district families.

Starting Monday, district staff and volunteers will serve Aramark-prepared meals from the following seven locations on MONDAY, TUESDAY, and THURSDAY from 12 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. (no meal distribution on Wednesday and Friday).

  • (NEW) Cooper School (249 Conkey St., by the main entrance)
  • (NEW) Michael’s On the Lake restaurant (3101 Eagle Rd., Kansasville, in the parking lot)
  • (NEW) Behind Burlington Fireplace & Solar (corner of Paul St. and Midwood Dr)
  • (CHANGE – instead of Winkler School) Bohner’s Lake Lois Fago Park near the pavilion (corner of Park St. and Robers St.)
  • Waller School (195 Gardner Ave., door by the cafeteria)
  • Cross Lutheran (126 Chapel Terrace, parking lot near the covered entrance)
  • Lyons Center School (1622 Mill St., by the main entrance)

As in the past, there will be no charge to families for these meals. For the most part, meals include white milk, chocolate milk, cereal, snack crackers, fruit, veggies, and a sandwich. These free meals are for any children age 18 or younger (or adults age 19- 21 enrolled in a public or private educational program). The meals will be provided as a “Grab and Go,” however, please be aware that meals will contain perishable items and will need to be refrigerated promptly. For more information, click here.