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The coronavirus has turned parents and caregivers into sudden homeschoolers. For many, this week brought the first attempts at remote learning, as families try to salvage the school year.

“People have a right to feel overwhelmed. It’s a lot to juggle, for everyone- parents, students, and teachers. ” says Tammy Myers, a local speech pathologist and co-founder of Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room. The learning center has offered reading and math programs, for students ages 3-12, since 2012.

“We saw that children naturally respond to technology, but we also know the importance of an interactive environment,” says Tammy Myers. “Our programs combine video with childrens’ creative responses, so each session is new and exciting. We develop literacy skills and a joy for learning.”

The staff at Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room blends technology, movement, creative expression, and story-telling. This online service couldn’t come at a better time.

“Kids need to be able to use their senses when they learn. They aren’t able to sit in front of computers all day,“ Myers continues. “These sudden changes in routine create stress, which also disrupts learning. Our background in working with students in special needs means we’ve already factored in things like transitions, trauma, and stress to the way we structure our programs. It’s a special time for us to help our community by offering our expertise and a proven program.”

Due to the current crisis, Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room is offering its programs at a 50% discount.

For one local mother of two, this discount couldn’t come at a better time.

Alicia was already a fan of Mrs. Myers’ programs after her son, a student at 21st Century Prep, experienced dramatic results.

“He was diagnosed with ADHD. He was behind his grade level in reading. His teacher was concerned, and we were too.” Alicia continued, “He was taking medication, but we wanted to give him every resource, so we enrolled in the Mrs. Myers’ program. It changed everything for him.”

The Mrs. Myers’ program consists of two 50 minutes classes per week, for six months.

“When he started, he didn’t know all of his letters. Now he’s reading above grade level. His teacher was amazed at his improvement. We see his confidence now that he can read with friends, or read out loud and answer questions.”

With school routines disrupted, Alicia decided to act quickly.

“We don’t want him to regress. We don’t know when school will open again, so we signed him up for another session. With the 50% discount, we decided to sign our daughter up too. She’s excited to do it with her big brother because he said it was really fun.”

With limited stores open and delayed online deliveries, Alicia appreciates having a keepsake box delivered to the student’s doorstep that includes everything her kids need to participate in the interactive program.

“I’m just glad they will both be learning, and I don’t have to worry about their reading right now with everything else going on,” Alicia says.

To learn more about the programs offered by Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, call (262) 456-2384 or visit