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Eric Carlson is no stranger to music. His talents will be showcased on Racine County Eye’s Facebook page on April 11 at 3 p.m. Tune in for a soothing and relaxing virtual happy hour. The Racine County Eye will proudly present this local artist and also will have a virtual tip jar available to benefit the Racine County Eye and Eric Carlson Music. 

Eric Carlson with RSO

Carlson is a gifted artist who was raised in Racine. At the age of 9 he began playing piano and taking lessons. He then began playing for his church. Over the years, he additionally played the trumpet, sang in the school choir, and played piano for the school choir. In the 10th grade, he began learning how to tune pianos. What was a lovable hobby of his, turned into a career seven years later. Carlson commented that he never expected what he loved to do would lead him on a path to a full-time career. He has grown enormously in his passion and his career. Over the course of his career as a musician, he has played arrangements for weddings as a part of wedding bands, to rock and roll and everything in between. 

What can you expect from Eric during happy hour? You can expect to hear some of Eric Carlson’s original arrangements on the piano. As well he plays hymns that are composed and played on the piano. His styles commonly played are new age and classical. He emphasized that what is unique about his music is that he focuses on music that speaks to you without words. 

Carlson’s favorite thing about music is the way that it connects people. Carlson says “Music soothes and heals people” and at times like this, I think we can all agree that we need connection and comfort. Eric Carlson was passionate about how music makes him feel, but also how it makes others feel. He noted that some individuals are focused on lyrics, some are focused on the musical aspect, but all together any form can provide meditation. During these times, you may be longing for connection and this event can provide that. 

To support Eric Carlson Music, follow his Facebook page here and be sure to give him alike! Another great way to support Carlson is to visit sheet music plus and purchase music that he has composed. Available for piano players, you can learn to play and enjoy the composer’s artwork.