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RACINE COUNTY – Over 50,000 people cast a ballot for the Racine County Spring Election, which had been canceled by Gov. Tony Evers and reversed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court just hours later.

The COVID-19 virus forced voting precincts to be changed, an unprecedented number of ballots were mailed out, and drive-through voting became a norm.

In the presidential preference, Democrats in Racine County chose Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders. The Racine Unified School District referendum narrowly gained support by five votes.

Dr. Eric Gallien, superintendent of the Racine Unified School District issued the following statement:

“I want to thank our community for their support, not only on election day but over the past year. With your partnership, the District was able to develop a smart, data-based long-term facilities master plan that meets the needs of the District and that our community supports. Over the last several months, we have spoken with hundreds of community members. We appreciate your engagement and your consideration of the referendum. We know this plan will benefit not only our students but the entire community. We also want to acknowledge the effort made by our voters last week. This election was unprecedented, and we thank every community member who made significant efforts to ensure their voices were heard.”

Henry Perez won against Stacy Sheppard by three votes for the 12th Aldermanic race for Racine Common Council.

“I’m feeling blessed that the community has continued to endorse me in leading them as a representative,” Perez said. “However, the vote was so close, and I’m also failing half the community that voted, or they would have not voted for my opponent. So I really think I need to gear up my representation.”

Sheppard said she was proud of the work her supporters did during what she called a “very bizarre election season.”

“It’s my first campaign, and thanks to community support, I came within three votes of beating a long time incumbent. I thank the voters of the 12th District and, who knows, in two years I might be right back it,” she said.

When asked if she planned to ask for a recount, Sheppard said she would not be asking for one.

Here’s how you voted:

Presidential preference

President – DEM

Tulsi Gabbard: 186
Amy Klobuchar: 123
John Delaney: 18
Deval Patrick: 7
Bernie Sanders: 7,885
Andrew Yang: 99
Pete Buttigieg: 167
Tom Steyer DEM: 20
Elizabeth Warren: 321
Michael Bennet: 15
Michael R. Bloomberg: 313
Joe Biden: 18,336
Uninstructed Delegation:109
Write-in: 58
Total Votes: 27,657

President – REP

Donald J. Trump: 22,697
Uninstructed Delegation: 444
Write-in: 94
Total Votes: 23,235

Statewide races

Justice of the Supreme Court

Jill J. Karofsky: 24,901
Daniel Kelly: 25,819
Write-in: 48
Total Votes: 50,768

Court of Appeals Judge District 2

Lisa Neubauer: 28,403
Paul Bugenhagen Jr: 18,991
Write-in: 60
Total Votes: 47,454

State Referendum

Yes: 40,989
No: 8,838
Total Votes: 49,827

Racine County

Supervisor – District 3

Steve Smetana: 1,213
Monte G. Osterman: 1,182
Write-in: 11
Total Votes: 2,406

Supervisor – District 5

David J. Cooke: 1,032
Jody Spencer: 1,251
Write-in: 4
Total Votes: 2,287

Supervisor – District 9

Eric Hopkin:s 1,472
Colin McKenna: 873
Write-in: 9
Total Votes: 2,354

Supervisor – District 14

Jason Eckman: 1,080
Kim Mahoney: 1,018
Write-in 0
Total Votes 2,098

Village of Mount Pleasant

Trustee No. 4

Willie Riley: 2,691
Denise Anastasio: 4,065
Write-in 19
Total Votes 6,775

Village of Caledonia

Village Trustee No. 4

Ronald Coutts: 3,489
Fran Martin: 3,893
Write-in: 21
Total Votes: 7,403

Village Trustee No. 2

Dale Stillman: 4,234
Marc Silverman 2,832
Write-in 28
Total Votes 7,094

City of Racine

Alderperson, District 4

Dennis Montey: 221
Edwin Santiago Jr.: 305
Write-in: 1
Total Votes: 527

Alderperson, District 8

Mac Platt: 117
Marcus T. West: 227
Write-in: 4
Total Votes: 348

Alderperson, District 10

Sam Peete: 491
Carrie Glenn: 559
Write-in: 5
Total Votes: 1,055

Alderperson, District 12

Stacy Sheppard: 745
Henry Perez: 748
Write-in 2
Total Votes 1,495

Racine Unified School District

School Board Member

Dennis Wiser: 1,504
Scott Coey: 1,731
Write-in: 24
Total Votes: 3,259

School district referendum

Yes: 16,748
No: 16,743
Total Votes: 33,491

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.