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In Case you missed it, here’s the entire concert!

Young Strings, a local electric string trio, will join the Racine County Eye for a virtual happy hour on Saturday, April 18. Who knew that three young individuals from Racine would be so talented as musicians, and go on to play at all of Racine’s favorite events. Now, it’s their turn to play for the Racine County Eye live Facebook event.

Cameron Fair, Matt Piper, and Sean Steinbach make up this local string trio. They started as friends, and from that evolved into a strong musical connection. How cool is it that they get to share their love for music with the world while playing with their friends.

Eight years ago, the group formed. Michael Steinback, Sean’s father, serves as the group’s agent.

“Our mission is to inspire other young musicians to play music outside of their normal repertoire and have fun with their craft,” He said.

The trio is a product of Racine’s musical programs. Cameron, Matt, and Sean attended Racine Unifiedand participated in their school’s musical programs. They want to encourage young musicians to get involved in music and their community.

Cameron plays the cello for the group. This year, despite the unusual circumstances, he will graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. His degrees are in cello performance, digital design, and fabrication. His cello career began 14 years ago, and his studies have paid off. He loves performing in groups of many genres.

You can expect to see Matt on the violin during the live Facebook event. He is currently a junior attending Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. The musician is studying violin performance. Playing the violin connects him and the community. You might also be interested to know that he is studying Chemistry. He, too, started studying violin 14 years ago.

“I love connecting with the audience by playing popular music in a way most people have never heard before,” He said.

The youngest of the musicians is Sean Steinbach. He is a violinist and has been since he was seven years old. The freshman is currently studying physical education at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Sean enjoys performing on a classical string instrument, but surprising audience members with his musical twist.

Their playlist will include classic rock, Celtic, and contemporary music.

“We love performing and showcasing our use of the electric cello and the Yamaha electric violins,” says Young Strings.

Young Strings eagerly awaits to play and see you at events around town. Before you know it, you’ll be able to see them play at events like First Fridays in Downtown Racine.

The trio appreciates the support that they have received from the community. When the Racine County Eye asked the group how they could be supported, they were quick to acknowledge their community first.

“We feel that this is a time where we need to support them rather than them supporting us,” they said.

Enjoy their music by tuning at 6 pm Saturday, April 18, on Racine County Eye’s Facebook page.

A portion of the proceeds we make from today’s performance will go to Young Strings. Please support local journalism and local art!

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