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Are you one of those people who feel like everyone is staring at you when you wear a face mask or are you one of the people who won’t leave the house without it? Whether you are timid to put on your face mask or you are eager to do so, this is an experience outside of our normal realm. 

That’s why the Racine County Eye hosted a virtual face mask fashion show. Racine residents came together to show off their creative masks and are promoting the use of this protection. Wearing a mask is essential and is predicted to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus, according to the CDC.

Check out how Racine residents, healthcare workers, first responders, and community members are coming together by showing off their masks. Do you recognize anyone posing and showing off their mask? If you didn’t get the chance to pose in our fashion show, show us a photo in the comments below of you wearing your mask. 

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