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The NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and related space sciences projects made twenty awards to Carthage students and faculty this year, totaling $95,000. The Consortium funds a wide variety of STEM programs across the state, including undergraduate and graduate education, as well as faculty and postdoctoral work. 

Awards are made to students to defray tuition costs, to support research initiatives, and to provide participation in statewide and national competitions and programs. Faculty awards support research, teaching, and capstone projects.

Bennett Bartel ’21, Cassandra Bossong ’21, Felicity Daniels ’21, Olivia Lutterman ’21, and Taylor Peterson ’21 are recipients of the WSGC Undergraduate Scholarship.

Zachary Scheunemann ’21, Garrett Shuldes ’22, and Amy Sorge ’20 are recipients of the WSGC Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Alec Digirolamo ’21 was awarded a NASA Gateway Program Scholarship for his contributions to a Carthage NASA partnership to design and build prototype space technology in support of the Artemis mission.

Liam Carls ’23, Jordan Ball ’23, and Felicity Daniels ’21 each received Second Stage Space Sciences summer awards to support their summer research in the Carthage SURE program.

The Carthage RockSat team, led by Felicity Daniels ’21, received a $12,000 award to support participation costs in the Space Grant program, RockSat, which launches university experiments into space from the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

With hundreds of applicants for every position, NASA Center internships are among the most competitive internships in the country. The following Carthage students have been selected for NASA internships this year: Bennett Bartel ’21 (summer 2020, Langley Academy), Alec Digirolamo ’21 (summer 2020, Kennedy Space Center), and Taylor Peterson ’21 (summer 2020, Kennedy Space Center).