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Life has been crazy. We know how stressful last minuet shopping can be for mom. She’s one of the most important people to you, but often the hardest to shop for, right?

Whether she is your biological mother, your step-mom, a grandma, or even a woman in your life who played the role of a mother, this day is to praise her. Show her how much you love her with a gift. 

This gift guide has all your local favorites and gifts that won’t break your bank, but are sure to put a smile on your momma’s face. 

1. Mom T-shirts

Photo Credit: Quotes and Cotton

Quotes + Cotton is a local t-shirt company. Two women and friends, Megan and Allie have teamed up to clothe women with inspirational and empowering graphic tees. The pair bring you the perfect Mother’s day gifts. Shop online or their storefront located at 615 N Pine St Suite 101 in Burlington.

Each of their shirts is made with love and with mom in mind. Their brand is fueled by coffee, conversations, and creativity. They say, “comfortable fashion is a top priority as they transition from work life to mom life and everything in between.” 

There also having a special Mother’s day event happening on May 8. Check out details in a post we wrote here.

2. Charcuterie

The way to mom’s heart might be through her stomach. If that’s the case for your mom, Boards by Emmie is offering charcuterie boards for mother’s day. This is gift that mom, grandma, and all the ladies in your life will enjoy.

Boards By Emmie is a charcuterie and grazing board company that was started in Racine, WI. This stay at home mom knows all too well just how hard momma’s work and that’s why she’s offering 9×9 charcuterie boards for $40. Orders can be placed here.

Contact Emmie on Facebook and follow her page here and stay tuned for more details.

3. Arden Lee Studios 

Thyla Arden and Joanna Lee are two artists who currently reside in Racine, Wisconsin. They have joined together to create Arden Lee. Thyla is originally from South Africa and her artwork is inspired by the culture. Joanna, a Wisconsin native, works as a coordinator and creator for the brand, as well. The two women have the goal to open their art to the public and also give the artist an opportunity to be exposed. 

This Mother’s Day you can shop their collection online and find something special for a special woman in your life. There are countless pieces that you can give to a special woman in your life including necklaces, acrylic paintings, and prints. 

A community favorite includes the “Imperial Queen” which is a red, white, and blue African queen. This piece is a print and framed. You can view it here and also available for purchase via this link

This Mother’s Day you can buy local art and surprise someone you love with a unique gift. 

4. Quirky Cookies

Mother’s Day is around the corner and the last thing mom wants is a mess in the kitchen. If you are looking to gift mom a tasty treat then you will want to place an order with Quirky Cookies. No mess, just a sweet treat! 

This small business in Racine knows that the way to mom’s heart is through her sweet tooth! This Mother’s Day there are multiple options available that you can choose from here.  

For more details about Quirky Cookies, read about their feature as the Racine County Eye Business Spotlight here.

5. Beach Glass Jewelry

Who doesn’t love a little bling? Mom’s love to be treated to gems and jewels. Shopping from local creator, Blythe Haney, can ensure that there is a smile on mom’s face this Mother’s day.

She runs an Etsy shop here, is often at The Farmers Market @2210, and can be spotted at different events around town. She is offering 20% off sales until May 3, 2021.

Beach glass is collected from the shores of Lake Michigan and then transformed into jewelry staples. There’s lots of different bracelets, necklaces, earrings available. By shopping here, you guarantee giving mom a one of a kind piece.

If you are local, message me on Etsy or on her Facebook page (@byblythe) in order to save on shipping costs.

Mother’s Day Extras

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