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Racine County Register of Deeds Connie Cobb Madsen and Racine Alderman Trevor Jung have been elected as delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention to be held in Milwaukee Aug. 17-20. Both will cast presidential nominating ballots for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Connie Cobb Madsen
Trevor Jung (right) with Joe Biden

Cobb Madsen and Jung are among six Democratic delegates from across the 1st Congressional District that was selected at a virtual meeting held Sunday. Susan Sheldon of Burlington was chosen as a delegate who will cast a nominating ballot for Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt. Other area delegates are Kenosha County’s Sally Simpson and John Collins, who will be Biden delegates and Steve Doelder of Walworth County, who will serve as a Sanders delegate.

Wisconsin Democrats will send a total of 97 delegates and seven alternates to the 2020 DNC. Each of the state’s congressional districts is allocated delegates based upon the number of Democratic Party voters per district, in addition to at-large delegates. In the First Congressional District, four Democratic Party delegates are for Biden and two are for Sanders.

In addition to the delegate selection process, Meg Andrietsch, who serves as Chairwoman of the Racine County Democratic Party, was appointed as a temporary standing committee member of the Credentials Committee for the Democratic National Convention.

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