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Are masks, gloves, social distancing, drug, vaccine the only COVID-19 answer?

Of course not, but it sure sounds or looks that way. All I hear in the news and on TV is about masks, gloves, social distancing, testing, and hope that a drug or vaccine will come to the rescue. There is little, less about our health, and the role and importance of it when that is exactly what we need to be working on just as much as anything else.

What really matters

Especially when you hear about a possible reoccurrence or there could be something else. If you think we are “one and done” with Covid-19, you may be mistaken. So, say there is a COVID-22. Then what—more masks, gloves, social distancing; another drug, another vaccine that may not ever be found.

It’s not what you think

No, STOP! That’s all a dead end, a band-Aid. The attention and focus must be put on what really matters is the “real deal.” That’s our health and making our health, body, and immune system as healthy and strong as it can be. That’s what will ultimately save us and be the answer we are looking for and hoping for.

A reaction might be, oh it doesn’t matter what my health is. I could or could not get the virus.

Hold on for a moment and realize this. It’s not only about whether you get the virus or not — but how well can your body fight and move it out of your system. Just how good — or not — is your health and immune system to do that.

We know how some are not affected that much about having Covid-19 or other viruses while others are devastated or wiped out.

Furthermore, having a weak, useless immune system can be due to poor health, nutrition and diet — not just a compromised immune system because of age or some preexisting condition.

Just look at the sorry, dreadful state/condition our health is on

As a result, you can see that we have been “asking for it” and a “sitting duck” for COVID-19 or any virus. Is it any surprise that something like Covid-19 came in and caused the mayhem that it has?

So let’s be really clear, honest, and look at ourselves in the mirror and realize this. That viruses, diseases like heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s/dementia are symptoms, not causes. They are signs, warning signs; flashing neon lights that something is not right with our health, body, and immune system.

You might say or think, oh come on, really; what do you mean by that; show, “prove it” to me.

Okay, I have some questions for you about the basics, fundamentals or essentials of health and OF LIFE, and what life can be like. Whether it’s longer or shorter, a comfortable, enjoyable one, or miserable and full of “aches and pains”.

  1. Are you exercising—on a regular, consistent basis? If so, how much. It should be about 30 min daily.
  2. What’s the amount of water that you are drinking each day? It should be 7-8 glasses to begin with.
  3. Are you eating fresh fruits and vegetables each day? If so, how much? It should be at least a bowl full of different kinds of fruit and a good size salad with lots of different vegetables every other day at least.
  4. How much sleep are you getting? It should be 8 hours.
  5. Are you taking a multivitamin each day? And any supplements because of the number of common vitamin, mineral deficiencies that have to be taken care of.
  6. Are you cutting down on junk, processed “foods” saturated with unhealthy, addicting sugar, salt, and oils? (How? By putting something in its place like fresh, plant-based food, that’s the trick.) Maybe not one of the basics, but essential.

Now listen to this. Here is what’s important to know and realize about those 6 fundamentals of life and health, and whether we have it or not.

Hard honest look

Our body is a total, integrated, complete system where every bit of it works together like a machine; is interdependent upon one another like pieces to a puzzle or instruments for a symphony. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t have a right hand without the left hand; the left leg without the right leg.

So that means doing ALL 5 BASICS and 6, and not just 2 or 3 or half done. You, can’t be exercising and drinking water like your health and body needs, but not getting the sleep, and vitamins and supplements they require.

Well, geez, at least I got 6 hours of sleep or 15 minutes of exercise. No, all of the health and life
essentials have to be done–completely, thoroughly. That’s the road to:

  • Strong and healthy body, and immune system, and the best protection, offense/defense against viruses, diseases, sickness, “aches and pains”, and
  • Optimal health, wellness, and Prevention Freedom (free as possible from virus, disease, sickness, and drugs).

Invitation to improve and be part of the solution

So I invite you to look at how to strengthen or improve your health, and be part of the solution for Covid-19 and any other viruses; diseases that seem rampant, and the state/condition of our health mentioned above.

Much success with your health,

Randy Bennett Ed.D.
HCT (HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)
847 809-4821

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