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The challenges facing graduating seniors due to COVID-19, as well as many community-wide health, safety, and education issues facing Racine and cities across the nation have a common solution – national service through AmeriCorps.

Many recent graduates are facing difficult job searches as employers cut back on hiring and cancel internships and job offers.  Current students are struggling with decisions about continuing their education and paying for student loans.

National service through AmeriCorps can serve as a path forward for recent graduates and others impacted by COVID-19. While serving, you earn a living allowance, build your resume, earn an education award, and join a community of AmeriCorps members that make a real difference for people in Wisconsin.

AmeriCorps members provide service through educational programming, supporting citizens with disabilities, assisting homeless youth, constructing housing, conservation projects, responding to natural disasters, helping people lead healthier lives, and many other projects. In addition to their traditional service, AmeriCorps members are providing vital help during the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing to help school kids remotely and stepping up to assist food banks, 211 call lines, and other relief efforts.

Racine is home to the Racine Zoo AmeriCorps program, which began last fall to expand environmental education at local schools, and multiple Wisconsin Reading Corps sites, with plans underway for future Racine programs. Additionally, over 1,000 more AmeriCorps members are helping communities throughout Wisconsin.

For more information on AmeriCorps in Wisconsin, visit the Serve Wisconsin website or the national AmeriCorps website.

Jeanne Duffy
Executive Director, Serve Wisconsin
(608) 692-4121