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City of Racine – In March, the City parking meters in front of restaurants and bars providing take-out food order were bagged and turned into 15-minute loading zones to provide customers quick and easy access to pick up food because dine in service was not allowed. Additionally, all other parking meter payments were halted and metered spots were free but limited to 2 hours during regular metered hours.

Starting June 1, 2020, people will once again be required to pay for parking at metered spaces throughout the City. However, the bagged meters will remain in place as 15-minute loading zones to encourage the continuation of curbside pickup for restaurant patrons who want to continue to have that option.

“As people begin to go back into our shops and restaurants, we need turnover at parking spaces, and having to plug a meter helps encourage that. However, not everyone is ready to go back into restaurants for meals, but want to support their favorite places by continuing to utilize takeout or curbside pickup. Having the bagged meters for quick access for pick-up is a great option for community members who are being understandably cautious as we open things up,” said Mayor Cory Mason.