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Horse racing fans and aficionados might have a good mid-year celebration as the US Triple Crown Series gets back on track this June. Earlier this year, the Coronavirus pandemic sabotage many events from all over the world. Even the United States wasn’t able to escape the chaos caused by this disease. As a result, most sporting events in the country got indefinite suspensions.

Sports betting industries look forward to the new fashion normalcy of sporting events with the comeback of this horse racing competition. The organizers of the race also set a realignment of Triple Crown order where Belmont Stakes sets the atmosphere, which will take place this June 20, 2020. The Kentucky Derby then follows it on September 5, 2020, and the Preakness Stakes will happen on October 3, 2020.

So, given the special edition order of Triple Crown Series this year, there are necessary changes you must know on how this horse racing competition works in this “New Normal” era. Upon knowing these things, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing all the horse racing and gambling fun. Starting with the Belmont Stakes, below are the event adjustments you must bear in mind.

Empty Belmont Park: No Crowd Allowed

Although usually the final leg of Triple Crown Series, the ever-famous Belmont stakes will be the first segment this year. The Belmont Park is often packed with hundreds and thousands of crowds witnessing an action-packed show. It mostly comprises of bettors and fans coming from local and international enterprises that take part in the whole Belmont Stakes Festival.

However, this year, the Belmont Stakes will not have any crowd. The area will only be exclusive for the Belmont Stakes committee, Belmont Stakes 2020 horses, and other significant people. New York Racing Association (NYRA), which manages the whole Belmont racing show, abides by the law of avoiding mass gathering to prevent Coronavirus from spreading.

Bettors Can Only Wager Online

For most bettors, the feeling when betting live while witnessing the racehorses compete adds a little pressure and excitement. Aside from that, you can interact with other gamblers and fans and check whether you wager for the correct entry. Betting to different categories to increase the chances of winning is also more exciting in person. Unfortunately, the thrill of being in the racing stadium will have to be suppressed in the meantime.

Since the Belmont Stakes this year doesn’t allow any audience and bettors to get inside the field, the betting game will be done online. There is nothing much to worry about betting the Belmont Stakes picks since it will most probably operate like the usual – except that it will be online. You only have to sign up with a legitimate online bookie to ensure the right payout. Also, you can take advantage of their promotions to grow your profit on the side.

Racehorses Qualification

Traditionally, the horses that will compete in the Belmont Stakes are the successful entries both from the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. Seeing that the Belmont Stakes will be the first segment this year, NYRA stated that it would only allow sixteen racehorses to saddle up in Belmont Park. The horses will be selected through the following process.

  • First Eight Starters – it comprises eight horses who have the most excellent horse racing records. They are either selected because they won legendary stakes races, or they have the highest earnings.
  • Next Five Starters – these horses are selected based on their placements in the past graded and stakes races. The earnings they gathered may not affect, but they are still expected to present a colorful horse racing report.
  • Final Three Runners – the Belmont Stakes selection committee carefully selects these horses. There is no definite guideline on how they’re going to pick the horse, but it looks like they will get the strongest three-year-old colt this Triple Crown season for the Final Three.

No Belmont Stakes Festival

Every year, the Belmont Stakes holds a festival party that features the whole culture and tradition of this horse racing show. You can even witness display museums that showcase how Belmont Stakes evolved through the years. Also, it hosts red carpet shows, so you can flaunt your rodeo-inspired dresses and win fantastic prizes.

This year, all of those events are canceled because it only focuses on the main racing showdown. The after-party celebration that most fans await where they can sip the traditional Belmont Breeze is also not happening. Therefore, while the racing show continues to settle on the field, the betting games will occur in an online gambling platform.


One of the marvelous surprises this year is the Belmont Stakes serving as the opening ceremony of the US Triple Crown Series. If you are one of the spectators who waited for so long to witness the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown races, make sure to get covered with the current set-up outlined above to enjoy the show. Don’t let COVID ruin the gambling fun for you.