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Louise (Haskell) Langlieb, 94, died on Thursday, June 4. She was born in Hartford, Connecticut on Feb. 22, 1926, and grew up with 7 siblings.

Louise met her future husband Edward, at a singles dance at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Hartford, CT in 1944. They were married in November 1945 after he returned from Burma in WWII. As newlyweds, they lived with Ed’s parents in St. Albans, Queens, NYC. Two years later, they bought their home in West Hempstead, NY on Long Island. At the time they moved in, their first child, Barry, was 1 year old. They went on to raise two additional children, Donald and Claudia, in that home. Louise and Ed went on to live in that home for 58 years. During that time, their home was the center for family and many friends. There were the neighbor friends, temple friends, other Jewish friends, work friends, garden club friends, and many other people whom they welcomed into their home as friends. There were countless groups and celebrations including the cancer group sewing bandages, Cub Scouts, birthday parties, celebrations, and Barry’s bar mitzvah. Louise and her mother Bubbie and mother-in-law Etta, did all the cooking and hosted 3 rounds of guests in her small Cape Code house to celebrate the bar mitzvah. Louise, Bubbie and Etta repeated the cooking part for Don’s bar mitzvah 2 1/2 years later, but was celebrated in the American Legion hall next door to Nassau Community Temple. She proudly cherished her new Chambers stove, a very special household addition, to help her with all the cooking and baking. This Chambers stove also became Don’s incentive to learn how to bake his popular popovers. Despite being busy in the kitchen, Louise loved being by the shore and making sure her children got to their activities. Daughter Claudia has fond memories of her and Louise enjoying time at the beach together, Sunday night drives to swim class, and of course, stopping at famous Nathan’s on the way home. Even as Claudia was at nursing school in Flushing Queens, Louise provided constant support and love, right down to laundering, perfectly starching and ironing her uniforms with 15 studded buttons. Louise was very proud of Claudia when she graduated nursing school and provided an unforgettable graduation party.

Louise gave her all to make sure family stayed connected by providing a warm, loving home for family to gather. For family to come from New Jersey or Connecticut was a trek to travel thru the Long Island traffic…something most of the family did not have to deal with in their daily lives. But that never deterred them from coming and sharing great moments with Louise and family. Everyone loved to visit with Louise and Ed. Much beloved by many nieces and nephews who came to visit as children with their parents, and again when they were adults on their own. She was known for her cooking, and summer barbeques. When people were not gathering at Louise’s house, she and her family enjoyed the summer trips to the Poconos, where Ed’s parents had a summer home, and regular trips throughout the year to Bubbie’s home on Bellevue Street in Hartford to visit her family. When visiting Bubbie’s home, it was always an occasion for all her Hartford based brothers and sisters with their kids in tow to come and visit Louise, Ed and their children.

Louise retired from John Hancock Insurance Company, then worked for several more years in an ophthalmology doctor’s office. She followed Ed, already retired from the NY State Sales Tax division, into the world of master gardening. Ed became a master gardener, taking his lifelong passion of the vegetable garden to a new, organic level. Louise also became a master gardener, and tended to the multitude of flower beds around their home. Come to their home in the spring, summer, and fall and you’d be amazed of all the flowers, plants, and vegetables that surrounded them. They were active in the Long Island Garden Club for many years and exhibited faithfully the best of their produce in the annual Long Island Fair, winning numerous ribbons every year.

As her children grew up and dispersed around the country to make their own lives, Louise and Ed loved to visit son Donald and his family, wife Sharon and sons Jeffrey and Nicholas, in Racine, Wisconsin. They often took their vacations to Racine in the winter, to be with their two grandchildren, and enjoy the winter activities. They faithfully braved the Wisconsin cold and walked Jeff and Nick to and from elementary school during their visits. They would take road trips as far as Denver to visit Claudia. They later would fly to Denver for Claudia’s wedding where she married her love Leo. Louise and Ed made many more visits with Claudia and Leo over the years, and Louise developed a very special relationship with Leo. They were both extremely fond of each other and loved discussing books and their love for reading. Eventually, Louise and Ed would fly to Hawaii to visit Barry. Her first of several trips to Hawaii with Ed, was for their 50th Anniversary, which was a gift from her children. Another memorable trip to Hawaii was to celebrate Barry’s 60th birthday. That big party celebration came to be better know as the “earthquake party”. Louise was up early that morning preparing to make homemade kugel, among other homemade foods. With everything ready to go in the oven, a major earthquake 200 miles away rattled all of Honolulu, and the power went off throughout the island. Needless to say, the only thing that got cooked that day was what could go on the grill, and a big disappointment for all anticipating Louise’s cooking.

Louise and Ed finally sold their lifelong home in 2005 and moved to a beautiful retirement community in Racine, Wisconsin, The Atrium. The move meant that she and Ed were living in the same town as son Donald and enjoying almost daily family togetherness. They both enjoyed this immensely. Ed passed after being in Racine for 1 1/2 years, leaving a big void in Louise’s life. But she kept busy volunteering as a greeter at The Atrium and having her apartment as a showcase for prospective residents.

In 2008, along came Grace, her great granddaughter, born to grandson Jeff and his wife Vony. They lived nearby so regular visits were part of Louise’s life, and her joy. Louise enjoyed a special bond with Grace, and she became the bucket of cheer in Louise’s life, full of love and big smiles.

Years later, her grandson Nick, and his wife Holli, brought another great granddaughter, Milena, into Louise’s life. Although living in a different state, periodic family visits, telephone calls, and occasional FaceTime, brought another loving child into Louise’s heart. Her great grandchildren were her joy.

Louise had a wonderful life, lived well, with many lifelong friends, and a loving family. She spent her final 1 1/2 years in Lakeshore at Sienna in Racine where she enjoyed frequent and regular visits from family and friends. Louise will be missed by everyone who were impacted and touched by her kindness, compassion and love.

The family would like to give a special thank you to the caregivers of Right At Home, Lakeshore at Sienna, Hospice Alliance and Dr. Mark DeCheck for their loving and compassionate care. Interment will be at Southern Wisconsin Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery in Union Grove, WI. In lieu of flowers, memorials suggested to Beth Israel Sinai Congregation, PO Box 081725, Racine, WI 53406.