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The number of Wisconsin COVID-19 cases increased slightly from Sunday, June 14, compared to Monday, June 15. But the number of people still battling the virus has decreased, according to officials with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

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The percentage of coronavirus tests coming back positive went up slightly to 2.8 percent as 174 new cases were reported Monday, bringing the statewide total to 22,932 — of which fewer than 5,400 remain active. As recently as 10 days ago, more than 6,300 cases were considered active.

Additionally, two people died of COVID19 in the past 24 hours, one in Waukesha County and one in Adams County. One of those who died was of Asian heritage, and the other was Hispanic.

The largest local increase in new cases today comes from Milwaukee County, with 77 new cases and 3.77 percent of tests coming back positive.

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Where are the increases in Wisconsin COVID-19 cases?

  • Lafayette County: 2 new cases, 13.3 percent positive tests
  • Langlade County: 1 new case, 20 percent positive tests
  • Oconto County: 1 new case, 50 percent positive tests
  • Pierce County: 3 new cases, 13 percent positive tests
  • Taylor County: 2 new cases, 12 percent positive tests
  • Trempeleau County: 7 new cases, 24 percent positive tests
  • Washington County: 4 new cases, 33 percent positive tests
  • Waukesha County: 11 new cases, 41 percent positive tests

Dane County saw in increase of 12 cases, half of them in the 20-29 age range. The county reports 113 new cases in the past week, an increase of more than 13 percent. Infection in people aged 20-29 increased 23 percent and cases in children aged 10-19 increased 29 percent. Dane County moved to “Phase 2” of their Forward Dane reopening plan today.

Hospitalizations statewide are down to 284, 38 fewer than a week ago. Of those currently hospitalized for COVID-19, 100 require intensive care. Additionally, 196 people are hospitalized and awaiting test results.

The rate of disparity in Latino populations continues to stand out — 33.1 percent of total Wisconsin COVID-19 cases are now Latino people, and 29 percent of today’s new cases. Latinos make up just seven percent of the state’s overall population.

Similarly, 19 percent of all cases are Black people, with 10 percent of today’s new cases and 25 percent of total COVID-19 related deaths in the state. Black people make up just six percent of the state’s population.

DHS also reports that 73 percent of those confirmed to have been infected have recovered and three percent have died.