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RACINE COUNTY, WI — Students will go back to school in September in one of three ways, and Racine Unified School District officials are hoping to have a picture of what school will look like by mid-July.

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According to the district’s re-entry planning presentation made this week, the district is considering returning to face-to-face learning, going back to full remote learning, or a combination of the two.

A survey was sent out to parents this week, asking a number of questions about what they’d like to see when school resumes this fall.

The questions included:

  • Do you intend to send your child(ren) to school this fall?
  • Would you be more comfortable if students were required to wear masks?
  • If public health officials believe it is safe to allow in-person instruction, would you be comfortable having your HIGH SCHOOL aged student return to school this fall?

Read the full survey here.

District officials say they’re collecting survey responses, will be hosting feedback and listening sessions and working on refining a reentry plan. District officials want a plan in place by July 17, according to the presentation.

100 Percent Face-to-Face Learning

Under this plan, all students will be in school full-time abiding by safety and sanitation guidelines.

“There is no question, this is our greatest hope and dream for Fall 2020 – to have all of our students back with us every day,” district officials said. “We MISS our kids! Face-to-face learning in an environment where we see every student every day is critical for optimal learning. We would utilize traditional systems and procedures. One change we will make is to use a blended learning instructional model so that all our students are equipped with the necessary technology skills to be college and career ready.”

Hybrid Learning

There will be limited students in school abiding by safety and sanitation guidelines under this plan.

“Depending on social distancing guidance, there may be the need for a hybrid model where students rotate through face-to-face opportunities and remote learning environments. This is by far the hardest scenario to plan for,” district officials said. “With campuses and classrooms that are at or over capacity, this is causing us to consider a multitude of rotational schedules”

Remote Learning

Schools remained closed and remote learning continues, under this plan.

“Similar to how we instructed students from mid-March until the end of the school year, remote learning is still an option. In the case of intermittent school closure or for a hybrid model, our remote learning framework needs to be up to the challenge of engaging ALL of our students in new learning material,” according to district officials. “Even with the best remote learning platforms and households with tremendous support, our students are still at risk for falling behind in a remote setting.”

This story also appeared in Patch

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