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Family medicine practitioner Michael Pothen goes beyond the wheelhouse of his own expertise to help a patient with her chronic illness. Jenna Zeihen, a Carthage College student, nominated Michael Pothen to be named the Racine County Eye Hero of the Week.

Michael Pothen is a doctor at Aurora Health Care, 8400 Washington Ave in Mount Pleasant. He studied medicine at the Medical University of the Americas. Even though his time is typically spent aiding others with their general health, he never turned his nose away from helping a complex patient.

What makes him a hero?

“He not only is a great listener and provider, but he is an empath. He leads his practice and care with empathy,” Zeihen says.

More than Medicine

While trying to manage the symptoms from her illness, Zeihen faced many challenges. She lived with an autoimmune disease called mast cell activation syndrome and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. For her, one of the major challenges being able to find a doctor that accepted her and the challenges of navigating her chronic illness.

Physician Gives Perspective

As a physician, this doctor understands taking care of the patient as a whole.

“My first major health breakthrough came from finding him,” Zeihen said. “He is the first doctor to acknowledge that my heart, my emotions, and the toll my chronic illness takes on my life are just as valid as the physical changes and pain.”

For Zeihen, Pothn deserves this honor because he moved mountains for her. Jenna isn’t the only patient he has helped along the way and she knows that.

Community Impact

How can Racine support him? The best way is to make his name heard and lifted. Doctors can learn from his empathetic and raw approach to medicine. He values the importance of listening. Going through something hard like a medical issue or treatment means something to this city to have him.

Thank you, Dr. Pothen for your commitment to the city and patients.

If you know a healthcare professional or first responder who exemplifies the meaning of being a hero, please nominate them to be the next Racine County Eye Hero of the Week. Submit this form to do so.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.