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A lump in Lina Edwardson’s breast was followed by a worrisome lump in her throat. Every woman’s worst nightmare was a reality that she started living. This moment changed her entire life.

In October of 2018, Lina, a Racine Police Department Officer, had her annual mammogram. Now, the results were clear at the time of her mammogram. But within a matter of a few months, the results changed. Edwardson was diagnosed with malignant neoplasm of overlapping sites, invasive ductal carcinoma aka triple-negative breast cancer.

An aggressive form of cancer, it messed with the wrong person. Her experience in law enforcement equipped with excellent skills as an advocate. As a member of the Racine unit, she dedicated her adult life to bettering the community. When receiving chemotherapy and undergoing surgeries, the community that she’s supported continually through her career, came to back her.

Lina Edwardson wears a badge of bravery

A positive mindset and outlook helped her to cope with a diagnosis, but it is also what makes her stand out as an Officer. “There has never been another job that I wanted to do. I am a helper, and a problem solver” says the survivor.

What makes her a hero? The badge that she wears is a symbol of her bravery. Whether partroling, volunteering, or giving back to the Racine County, you will always see Lina with a determined look on her face. Determination to put the community first, it’s always Lina’s priority, even amongst the most troublesome times for her and her family.

Many individuals wouldn’t be able to find the grit to persevere through such a harsh diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis followed with surgeries, pain, medication, but also with a positive outlook. Lina stayed working, as a police officer, even when her body was ill. She has an unwavering power within her spirit to preserve. The service that she gives to Racine County residents makes her a hero.


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Not only is Lina a hero to us, but she also is the 2020 Honorary Survivor for Racine Relay for Life, which will take place online this year. “Relay for Life is the ultimate fundraiser for the American Cancer Society that brings communities together to fight cancer,” says Lina. A way to give back to our hero is by giving to Relay for Life so that our community can fund services, and promote cancer research.

For more information about Relay for Life click here. Stay tuned for more details about how you can help fight the fight against cancer.

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