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More than 1,100 students have been named to the Carthage College dean’s list for the spring 2020 semester. Dean’s list honors are accorded to Carthage students who achieve a minimum 3.5 grade-point average while carrying at least 14 credit hours during a semester.

Area students named to the dean’s list:

Katherine Munro of Racine (53402)

Samantha Woodward of Franksville (53126)

Ellen Moore of Waterford (53185)

Anna Faust of Union Grove (53182)

Patrick Anderson of Racine (53402)

Mariam Rodriguez of Racine (53406)

Owen Beck of Caledonia (53108)

Emma Kiiskila of Union Grove (53182)

Andre Antreassian of Racine (53402)

Alexandria Naber of Burlington (53105)

Ryan Hart of Racine (53406)

Jayden Davis of Racine (53403)

Emily Smith of Waterford (53185)

Liam Carls of Racine (53405)

Kylee Van Swol of Kansasville (53139)

Ashley Gorman of Mount Pleasant (53406)

Alyssa Ruediger of Racine (53402)

Jaimie Kirkwood of Racine (53402)

Matthew Colinelli of Franksville (53126)

Abigail Ciesielczyk of Waterford (53185)

Zachary Shawhan of Racine (53406)

Hayden Kempken of Burlington (53105)

Brett Bocciardi of Racine (53402)

Michael Tuttle of Union Grove (53182)

Hannah Tuinstra of Franksville (53126)

Faith Trebiatowski of Kansasville (53139)

Jenna Schmalfeldt of Burlington (53105)

David La Rosa of Racine (53404)

Yesenia Martinez-Hall of Trevor (53105)

Brian Dean of Mount Pleasant (53403)

Aliliywa Mbise of Racine (53405)

Carrie Weis of Union Grove (53182)

Taylor Peterson of Sturtevant (53177)

Rachel Anderson of Racine (53402)

Kayla Saavedra of Racine (53403)

Briana Nuno of Racine (53406)

Candice Mattie of Racine (53406)

Garrett Pynckel of Racine (53402)

Natasha Dunn of Burlington (53105)

Dajohn Thompson of Racine (53406)

Jacquelyn Sambrano of Racine (53403)

Sophia Tajnai of Racine (53405)

Kaitlin Michaels of Racine (53405)

Shannon Gegare of Racine (53402)

Trey Eckert of Racine (53402)

Sophia Torosian of Racine (53405)

Rayven Craft of Racine (53402)

Aubriana Gordon of Racine (53406)

Samantha Hendricks of Mount Pleasant (53403)

Nicole Zeisler of Racine (53406)

Brian Weir of Racine (53402)

Haley Olson of Racine (53406)

Tyler Adam of Burlington (53105)

Erin Lowry of Racine (53406)

Sydney Zelko of Mt Pleasant (53406)

Jenny Martinez of Racine (53405)

Daniel Nichols of Racine (53402)

Laura Lammert of Racine (53406)

Morgan Tracy of Burlington (53105)

Austin Adam of Burlington (53105)

Lizeth Brito of Racine (53405)

Aaron Steinhoff of Racine (53402)

Wendy Cruz of Racine (53403)

Isaiah McCoy of Racine (53403)

Katiann Nelson of Waterford (53185)

Kristi Weinfurter of Waterford (53185)

Ashley Rodriguez of Racine (53402)

Gretchen Koepsel of Racine (53402)

Daniel Weir of Racine (53402)

Giulia Hoke of Union Grove (53182)

Michelle Lameer of Burlington (53105)

Jacob Del Negro of Mount Pleasant (53406)

Erik Carlson of Racine (53406)

Jessica Klincewicz of Mount Pleasant (53406)


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