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The behind the scenes work of managing a business isn’t as thrilling, as the soul of their craft. Equally important are the gears that make the establishment move like recruitment and human resources.

Polaris Talent can tackle that challenge.

Owned by Marie Watkins, Roma Anasazi Watkins, and Marshall Folger, they help companies with talent acquisition and strategic HR consulting. The company’s focus: growing your institution’s technical, leadership, and sales team is of vital importance to Polaris Talent.

Racine natives, the trio helps businesses nationwide.

“Midwest values and work ethic with global experience” can benefit your company, Marie said.

Expertise for Local Businesses

Success comes by blending executive search techniques with corporate talent acquisition. Hiring and managing human resources are issues that businesses are facing now more than ever.

“Likewise, we understand the transformative period local businesses are in” says Marie Watkins, CEO.

Polaris Talent Local, in addition, to Polaris Talent Enterprise allows businesses to sign up for pre-paid HR and hiring solutions. Containing cost is important to the team. Joining means worry-free hiring help and advising from an HR expert.


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Positive Experiences

Jon Marinello, a hiring manager at Microsoft, used the firm to scale up quickly.

“They helped me grow my development organization at Microsoft from 5 to 25 developers in just 9 months,” he said.

In conclusion, there is no doubt they too can work on your behalf. Direct your questions and comments to Polaris Talent by contacting them today at or call 262-676-2482. Visit for more information.

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