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City of Racine – The City of Racine RENTS Initiative has now launched a website with resources for tenants and landlords. The website also allows landlords and commercial property owners to register their properties and pay the associated fees online. The website is 

“The RENTS Initiative is a massive undertaking and represents the most robust package of housing reforms Racine has seen in a generation. Our goals are to improve housing throughout the City, better protect tenants, and hold property owners responsible for the conditions of their properties. The launch of the RENTS website creates a central location for both renters and rental and commercial property owners to find resources, comply with these new ordinances, register their properties, and for tenants to be able to request help without the fear of retaliation,” said Mayor Cory Mason.

As a reminder, property owners of rental and commercial property must register their properties with the City, as required by the RENTS ordinance. The initial timeline required properties to be registered by August 1, 2020, however that deadline has been moved back to September 8, 2020. If registration and payment is received by September 8th, no penalties will be assessed.

  • Rental property registration is $10 per property
  • Commercial property registration is $25 per property

All property owners who register online will receive coupon codes allowing them to recycle three appliances for free at the City’s Pearl Street facility – one non-freon appliance, one freon appliance, and one microwave (a total value of $50 in free appliance disposal). Coupons are only available to property owners who register their rental or commercial properties online. 

The RENTS website also contains the ability for banks and other mortgage servicers to register properties that are facing mortgage foreclosure, as required by the RENTS ordinance. Prochamps Bank Registration is the vendor that is assisting with the bank foreclosure registration and can be found through the RENTS website or directly at the following web address:

The RENTS website will be updated regularly with more resources for tenants and landlords. Certain aspects of the RENTS initiative, such as the rental inspection process, are currently on hold due to COVID-19 to protect the health of both City staff and the residents of the City. Additional information will be made available as soon as possible.


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