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Are you fed up, had enough with COVID restrictions and want to get out, go to work, see people, do errands around town, have fun with your favorite activities or hobbies? Do you wish that someone, your community, local and the federal government would do more; hurry up with more testing, finding a cure, developing a vaccine?

But what about you and I doing our part! 

What can we do to help minimize COVID and another wave or reoccurrence, especially when you hear that the number of cases continues to rise?

The response might be masks, social distancing, lessen going out, don’t get into crowds.

But what about you and I taking care of ourselves and out health?!

That may ultimately be what saves us and the answer we are looking and hoping for. 


Which we may or may not be doing, as if we have a choice to be healthy or unhealthy, to take care of our health or not.

But that’s no longer an option given COVID all around us, everywhere; possibly another round of it and the dreadful state our health is in—2 in So now changing, strengthening, or improving our health has to be part of our social, civic and even moral, ethical responsibility like we vote, go to work, pay our bills, help family and friends. And on a regular, consistent basis, not random, haphazard for best results.  

Therefore, I am saying or proposing that’s the New Norm for Personal Healthcare.

So when we go out and are all around people or people are all around us, we know it’s safe, that we are truly, really protected.

That each one of us is helping out and doing our part to make a safe, healthy, enjoyable life, community, and world for all of us—with what will ultimately save us and be the answer we are looking for and hoping for.

Here are ways, options for changing, strethening or Iimproving our health and fulfilling that New Norm. 

Start with any 1 or 2 and complete them in baby steps, an inch at a time—on a regular, consistent basis, not random, haphazard.  See 5 for example.

  1. What purpose, goals or outcomes do you want for your health, nutrition diet?  Write them down; discuss and work out with others  
  2. Complete any or as much as you can of this Questionnaire
  3. Have a Health, Nutrition, Diet Checkup  (A Physical Exam finds out if you have something that could kill you, but not if you are healthy.)
  4. Complete any or as much of this Comprehensive Action Plan as you can   
  5. Learn something new, OR make a change, improvement with your health, OR remove a block/barrier or excuse.  See 4 at  For example:
    • In a week, walk fast around the block every other day (SMART goal).
    • 2 more salads a week and/or fresh fruit with breakfast 2x a week (SMART goal).
    • Drink a glass or two of water more a day (SMART goal).
    • Take a multi-vitamin and 7 Vitamin D drops daily (SMART goal).
  6. Give your health a gift it deserves—a fresh, new start  Anyone you know who would like to give their health a present and join you? 
  7. Help others with their health that helps you with yours.  Do you know that making and keeping an agreement with someone else rather than yourself can be easier and more rewarding?!  See 6 at
  8. Participate in a Health community service or ministry
  9. Other, what would you add, suggest, or like? 

For questions, further information, comments; discussion, support, assistance; input, ideas, or suggestions, contact Randy.

Randy Bennett Ed.D. HCT  
847 809-4821 


Your contribution is appreciated.