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Racine residents have much to say about the City of Racine’s Common Council 8-7 decision to require masks in all public places. Some are pleased with this decision, while others not so much. 

The majority of people who commented on RCE’s announcement seem to not be in favor of the decision. They feel it will drive business away, that it is just about control, doubt it will be enforced, and don’t understand the exemptions. 

The ones that agree with the ordinance are happy to be able to shop at more stores and won’t have to worry about spreading the virus now that they require masks.

Below are a few of the comments left on the face-covering ordinance. Tell us what you think about the ordinance in the comment section.

Chris Ann: “They don’t think it will hurt the already damaged small businesses here. Wrong, going to Racine County or Kenosha to shop now, where our rights aren’t stepped on. City P.O.’d the Police so much let’s see how enforcement goes, all to get Mason more federal money that they will squalor.”

Gail M. Eppers: “I doubt there will be much enforcement, though.”

David Snell: “For submitting so well, this is your reward.”

Alex Voss: “Not required for “Persons present in government facilities closed to the public” Rules that don’t apply to rulers are tyranny.”

Joy Blaha: “I go to stores that have had mask mandated so this opens up more stores for me to shop at. I did not protest or yell at people who operated stores without mask mandates. I just didn’t go there.”