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The connection between Racine Police officer Dave Arvai and his K-9 Titan takes puppy love to a whole new level. They are the Hometown Heroes this week.

A Washington Park High School alumni, Arvai earned his varsity letter four years in a row on the swim team. Moving to Milwaukee, his next steps were diving for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Working at the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department, he fell in love with the K9 unit when began taking bites in 2000 as a decoy.

“I’ve always been intrigued by how well-trained police K-9s are,” Arvai say.

Joining the Racine Police Department led him to K-9 Titan. Officer Arvai has been serving in Racine for 19 years.

Titan’s journey

Traveling from Holland to Samantha, Alabama, Titan met Arvai in Alabama for a 10-week training program. After completion, the team made their final trek to Racine K-9 in March of 2012.

Titian’s skills are narcotics detection, apprehension, handler protection, tracking, and article searches. For eight years, he’s been there for the community.


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Retirement Approaches

Now, he will catch up on playing fetch in retirement. The selection is underway for the newest dog handler. “I feel that I have excelled in my position. I would like to continue to do what I love” says Arvai.

Titan and Officer Dave

Support the Hero

Arvai expressed gratitude to former Racine Police Chief Kurt Whalen and Police Chief Art Howell.

In addition, the heroes would like to thank Chuck and Jennifer Johnson, Pinkalla Auto, Beth David, and the organizers of the Racine Policeman’s Ball. Avai also recognizes the support of family and friends. Also, Titan is extra glad to have the support of Mano Fencing and Havahart Pet Store.

Lastly, the Racine Police K-9 Unit is a six-dog unit that is fully sustainable by community donations. They accept donations made out to the “Racine Police Department K-9 Unit.” Supporting the K-9 unit is a great way to give back.

Follow K-9 Titan on Facebook and be sure to stay up to date with his retirement days. Follow the journey of other Racine K-9’s by following them on Facebook by clicking here.

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