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RACINE COUNTY – Two men were in custody Tuesday afternoon after fleeing from a Racine County Sheriff’s deputy on foot following an early Monday traffic stop near Union Grove.

David A. Clark, 48, was charged by the Racine County District Attorney with attempting to flee or elude an officer, obstructing an officer and criminal trespassing. Sammy L. Noble, 43, of Franksville, was charged with obstructing an officer.

According to the criminal complaint:

A deputy saw a vehicle on Highway C driving with the right turn signal on for about a half-mile. He followed the car westbound on Highway A.

As Clark took an immediate right turn onto 63rd Road, Clark took off at a high rate of speed. The vehicle continued through the stop sign at Highway 20. He then turned on to Old Yorkville Road and continued through another stop sign.

Attempting to initiate a traffic stop, the deputy activated the emergency lights. Clark sped up and continued to turn southbound on Highway U again, failing to stop at the stop sign. After turning on to Highway U, the vehicle pulled over. He then fled on foot to the west. The passenger, later identified as Noble, fled on foot to the west.

Fleeing, man says he’s done it before

After additional officers arrived as backup, a canine unit started tracking the passenger’s westbound path. Noble was located and taken into custody about 70 yards from the traffic stop.

Dispatch later advised that there was a suspicious person compliant from the area of 50th Street and Highway U. When taken into custody, Clark told deputies that he had spent most of the night hiding in an RV. He also told deputies he accelerated the vehicle when he noticed someone following him. It was “just instinct,” he said reffering to how he has fled from officers before.

Noble told deputies that he called Clark for a ride home from Kenosha and gave him directions to his house when the deputy attempted the traffic stop. Noble said he saw Clark run and decided to run as well “because he was afraid.”

A search of Clark’s vehicle revealed open intoxicants inside. Deputies reported smelling the odor of intoxicants from Noble. Clark was on probation for fleeing and eluding and Noble was on probation for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

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