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Dump trucks are necessary for any type of construction work. From paving new roads to laying the groundwork for a building, it’s up to these machines and their drivers to deliver the proper materials for the job. However, those who work in the industry know that even these strong steel beds can take a severe beating over time and need some form of protection. These are some of the reasons to use a dump truck liner in construction and how they keep our equipment functioning properly.

Increases Strength and Durability

Dump truck liners are designed to protect the beds of our dump trucks from being damaged by the potentially sharp materials they carry. Because of this, they’re made using only the highest grade UHMW-PE and contain a multitude of other ingredients to help with specific loads. This makes them incredibly durable and able to withstand stress from objects that could cause tears or dents. The increase in strength that these liners provide also helps our trucks better accommodate more strenuous materials such as hot asphalt and steel scraps during transit.

Improves the Longevity of Equipment

With our truck beds better protected from damage, they’ll naturally require fewer repairs and will last us significantly longer. During this time, they’ll also be a lot easier for workers to maintain and won’t need to be cleaned as thoroughly. Overall, this saves construction companies thousands of dollars every year and allows them to invest in additional upgrades for their equipment.

Increases Loads Hauled Per Day

Another important reason to use a dump truck liner in construction is that they can increase the number of loads a truck can deliver on a given day. Since these liners keep materials from coming into direct contact with the truck bed, they also prevent them from sticking to the steel surface. When sticking does occur, it can be difficult for the operator to remove these hardened patches, causing them to use up valuable time. So, with a slick surface there to stop this from happening, the operators can quickly finish drop-offs and move on to the next job.

Maximizes Workplace Safety

Most importantly, though, dump truck liners can increase overall workplace safety during the delivery process. Should sections of the material adhere to the truck bed, it’s up to the worker themselves to remove it manually. This can be very dangerous and lead to various unfortunate accidents. As such, ensuring that your truck is performing at its best can keep you and everyone around you safe.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.