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The hand-painted flowerpots, which have beautified downtown all summer, go up for auction Aug. 17 during Downtown Racine Corporation’s 19th Annual Public Art Auction. Proceeds from the online auction will help keep downtown blooming by supporting the organization whose mission is to foster economic, social, and cultural diversity by stimulating business development, programming events, and marketing downtown to the community, developers, and tourists.

This year’s project featured a set of three flowerpots adorned by local artists. Opening bids for each of the 14 flowerpot sets (including flowers) start at $300 and the bidding will close at 5 p.m. on Aug. 25. To participate, visit and click on the Auctions tab.

Flowerpots that are up for auction this year include:

“Summer Black & White Trio” by Joan Houlehen

“The Ladybugs Picnic” by Brenda Lois

“Flowers that Shine from Space” by Anna Matson

“Together” by Nicole Zoe Miller

“Nap Time” by Inja Mioduszewski

“Summertime in Racine” by Samantha Moe

“Now and Then” by Paul Muckler

“RYOCY Set 1” by PIOC

“RYOCY Set 2” by PIOC

“FLOWER POWER” by Jil Radtke

“Beeeee Yourself” by Southern Wisconsin Center

“Rooting for the Best!” by Pam Vallejos and Amy Georgi

“POTholes” by Erica Vetrovec

“Fairy Photosynthesis” by Joyce Lynn Williamson

“Each year I am so impressed with the artists’ creations and this year is no exception. The flowerpots have beautified our downtown this summer. The auctioning of these is critical to support the DRC’s mission moving forward.” -Kelly Kruse, DRC Executive Director


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