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Time and Again Music and More is the Racine County Eye Business Spotlight of the week. Sturtevant Wisconsin may be small, but the music collection at this store is large.

Southeast Wisconsin’s most unique vinyl record store is just moments from your doorstep. Yet, so many music lovers don’t know this local spot. Time & Again Music and More, 9602 Durand Ave, is full of great finds.

Ray and Marianne Zirkle have a love for vinyl and other collectables. It’s why they are sharing their business with you. “We’ve had vinyl in our blood since we were kids and opening a store like this has been a dream” explained the owners.

Now their dream is a reality.

A Blast from the Past

A particularly unusual selection from Time and Again Music and More can take you back to your favorite times.  A blast from the past experience for all.

60’s, 70’s, and a touch of the 80’s records are within the store. Listening to The Beatles Greatest Hits on vinyl can start making you feel nostalgic. Maybe you are a fan of John Mellencamp. If that’s the case, they’ve got you covered.

Not only can you find these jams in store, but online too. Click here to view the online gallery. Time and Again Music and More is bringing back the oldies, but goodies.

If you don’t have a record player, don’t fret. An associate will help you locate one. As an antique and collectibles store, the inventory is always revolving.

Music and More

As well as being a music store, they are a store full of art. Vintage finds, graphic t-shirts, and collectable items can be purchased. For three years they have been serving Southeastern Wisconsin. Finding something that fits everyone’s taste is their specialty.

With new consignment items entering the store weekly, this shop never gets old. The items might be vintage, but it is the newest trend. Rock memorabilia, antiques and hand crafted art work are some of the items you can purchase in store.

The clientele over the past three years have been supportive. To expand their reach, they want to connect with you. Vinyl is for everyone. Time and Again Music and More is looking forward to introducing it to a whole new generation.

Connect with the Company

Follow them on Facebook by clicking here. Explore their shelves online, click this link here. Support this local shop, stop on in for a rocking time.

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