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Best Thoughts Academy is this week’s Racine County Eye Business Spotlight. As a high school teacher, Kate Martin was fueled with an idea to positively impact others.

Her career in teaching came to a fold when she retired in 2015. While working in Racine with special needs students, conversations arose about the lack of resources and opportunities available.

In 2013, launching The Purposeful Parent was the start of her equipping parents with assistance and guidance. Through this, she provides workshops and resources. Teachers, caregivers, and parents benefit from her work.

Best Thoughts Academy was born to “direct our lives as we learn techniques to replace worry and doubt with thoughts of love and creativity. We will move with ease to our passion and purpose.” 

From Teacher to Author

Fast Forward to 2016, Martin became an author. The Best Thoughts to Think 5 Minutes Before Bed is a book to help reduce anxiety that can occur before bed. The book is an easy and relaxing read. It has been written with rhyming words and includes whimsical illustrations to alleviate stress. 

You can purchase the book by visiting this link here

Best Thoughts Academy Mission 

She says her vision is “to help others tap into their full capacity by learning to trust their brilliance more than their doubts.”

Aligning with her work is the hope to change the community for the better. Best Thoughts Academy is a resource to lean on for making a positive change.

Connecting with the Community

Best Thoughts Academy provides positivity training for individuals and teams focusing on the power of our thoughts in order to promote creativity, confidence, and drive.

During training sessions, Kate stresses the value in playing and having fun.

Who benefits from these services? Businesses and community organizations can find relief and hope in uniting activities.

Racine Unified School District, her former employer, has collaborated at different events with Mrs. Martin. Positive training is effective for students and teachers. 

Individuals additionally can find positive benefits from the services. Three and Free is a program offered that works to help clients become autonomous in their self-improvement by providing numerous resources and strategies. You can learn more about the program by clicking here. 

Best Thoughts Academy Goes Virtual 

Not even COVID-19 could bring down Best Thoughts Academy. To continue spreading positivity, Best Thoughts Academy has gone virtual. On Monday nights, you can participate from 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. on Zoom. Monday Power Positivity Nights are full of techniques to equip you with joy. The virtual event cost is based on personal affordability. This event will take place on the following dates: 

  • September – 7, 21, 28
  • October – 5, 12, 19

Sign up to reserve your spot by visiting the website here

More mental health resources are available on the Racine County Eye. Visit here to find additional resources to help.

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